Chapter 1667 - To Disband Soon

Chapter 1667: To Disband Soon

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Bo Jiu’s long fingers stilled and she chuckled. Next, all she caught were tigers.

Qin Mo originally has an aristocratic and scholarly air and it wasn’t the least bit affected even if he was carrying these plush toys, but there were more people looking. After all, it isn’t appropriate for a grown man to be carrying so many dolls.

Unlike the young Mo Bei who wouldn’t seem out of place even if she was smashed by a bunch of plush toys.

Qin Mo was still wearing a beige trench coat, and was inevitably eye catching with the plush toys in his arms. It was also because of his good looks, just a small smile seemed refreshing.

When some foreign children saw it, they started to surround him, probably because they wanted a doll.

However, Qin Mo didn’t give the plush toys to any of them, he simply handed them the game coins he bought for them to play by themselves.

Mo Bei was watching from the side, and she vaguely understood that “Mistress” did not give out anything belonging to her Master. If not, he wouldn’t have gotten her to catch plush toys for angle training.

Bo Jiu felt satisfied, because the person holding the plush toys looked even more beautiful and delicious. Mmh, she could catch a few more.

In a short while, all seven tigers were captured. When Bo Jiu wanted to change to another machine, Qin Mo held her wrist. “if you continue to catch like this, the boss is going to come over. You did something to the machines?”

“I just brought them back to the mode they came out with.” Bo Jiu said seriously. “You need skills to catch plush toys.”

“Oh?” Qin Mo asked. “Then tell me what their normal mode looks like.”

Bo Jiu took his hand and said, “Can’t I catch plush toys to make my boyfriend happy? The hit rate in normal mode is one in ten. You can only catch one in ten tries. Even if the technique is correct, if the frequency isn’t there, it would fail.”

“The boss is pretty tolerant seeing that he didn’t chase you away.” Qin Mo casually asked, “Is it normal now?”

Nothing she did could go pass his eyes. Bo Jiu pulled out a folding keyboard from her pocket, connected it to the internet, and adjusted the machine’s frequency.

Some of the machine’s switches are at the back, the manual kind. She wouldn’t touch those and would only adjust the system. But these were all trivial matters. Besides, she had something big to do at night.

After they stopped catching plush toys, the group went to a cafe by the street, filling the chair with plush toys.

Coco bit on a straw and suggested. “Let’s play a game, it’s been a long time since we played together.”

Indeed, it had been a long time.

Lin Feng couldn’t appear now. The moment he showed up, there would be various topics for him to explain. He had only been working for almost half a month and hadn’t touched the game. When Coco suggested a game, his fingers stilled.

“I don’t want to play.” Lin Feng seemed to smile, and he tugged his collar.

Rao Rong knew what he was thinking about. There was a period when he didn’t wish to enter the game’s main page again. Falling from high to low, to being ostracised and finally coming back. He really liked it and didn’t wish to let go, but not all wounds can be healed.

There were many things that no one could understand. Some people didn’t understand that you only wanted to compete.

Qin Mo should know this very well, so he told them that the team will disband soon, and that the news had not been made public. But everyone could feel it. It wouldn’t change the public opinion.

This was a big trend. They just didn’t want to be assimilated and influenced.

If the Supreme Alliance was no longer like the Supreme Alliance. That would perhaps be the greatest tragedy.