Chapter 1668 - Announcing the Disbandment

Chapter 1668: Announcing the Disbandment

Coco regretted his suggestion, but Lin Feng behaved as though nothing had happened and was still pinching his plush toy.

He no longer gamed because he was afraid that he would not be able to give it up after touching it again. He probably still had regrets.

Sometimes when he saw the chat group, Zhao Sanpang no longer held a live stream, claiming to be the most handsome in the world. Instead, he would invite others to eat everyday, saying that he had created new dishes. But when he sent the photo over, it would just be eggplant pot.

This seems to be the most ordinary life, but there would still be people digging for his news.

Lin Feng didn’t mind. As for the damages to the Lin family, he would try to make up for it.

This was probably the goal for his future life.

He was once fearless. Now, he was afraid and would never let anyone know the truth. He was worn out and even if he picked up the mouse again, it would never be the same, because the important people were gradually retiring and all he could do was to cherish it.

The news never stops, it is created and recreated, adapted and readapted. Everything is used.

In reality, the things behind the scene were too grey.

In this world, as long as you feel that what you are doing is right and what you present is correct, it doesn’t matter how despicable the methods were, and no one will think much about it. Afterall, it’s complicated.

Lin Feng didn’t forget why he joined the Supreme Alliance. Because there was that one person.

Even if the world is troubled and he had suffered a lot, he would never become the kind of person he didn’t want to be.

Lin Feng smiled, his gaze fell on the icy figure.

Is this the reason why Little Spades likes him so much?

There weren’t many people in this world who could remain the same. Immune to both darkness and the many poisons. Their Captain just had to stand there for them to feel endless possibilities.

That striking person had never been left in the greenhouse, clueless about the world. Instead, his heart had seen all the darkness. And yet, he could guard his own beliefs.

As long as the Supreme Alliance is in their heart. As long as there are people who are sad and feel as though they are unable to walk out, remembering this name would fill them with strength.

The others didn’t seem that important.

That day, the group went to many places and took many photos. They didn’t turn back when they left.

Only Mo Bei was there with her little backpack, looking at the person with a wilful smile on her face. She knew that her Master would only be abroad from now onwards. The only thing she was sad about, was that she never fought alongside her in a match.

The entire Supreme Alliance returned back to China.

The first thing Feng Yi did was to announce the disbandment. He was still in a straight suit, gold-rimmed glasses, and a smile on the corners of his lips.

No one wanted to accept the news. Those that were skeptical continued to question. Some said. “The Supreme Alliance was different to me. But now that they disband so out of the blue, I don’t want to be their fan anymore.”

No matter what it was, Feng Yi just listened. After listening, he didn’t say a word. There would definitely be an outburst of opinion. There would be people who understood and those that didn’t.

Feng Yi didn’t worry about anything else, but before he returned to China, Z had spoken to him and asked him to make arrangements for Little Mo Bei.

With Little Mo Bei’s skills, she could probably enter any team, but such things were complicated.

The moment the Supreme Alliance disbanded, many impersonating teams would appear. Moreover, they would claim to not know the Supreme Alliance.