Chapter 1669 - Stop Gaming

Chapter 1669: Stop Gaming

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Thereafter, someone said, how could an Esports team not know the Supreme Alliance, the Asian champion? It is impossible not to know.

The other party will say, oh, I just looked them up and just found out. What has that got to do with us?

Feng Yi predicted such incidents. Probably no one understood, that liking something meant that he had to restrain himself.

They made use of emotions to create public opinion.

Mo Bei watched as they dealt with such things daily just two days after the Supreme Alliance dissolved.

She made a decision not to join any other team. So when Feng Yi wanted to bring Mo Bei to the club under the group, Mo Bei raised her small face. “Uncle Feng, I joined the Supreme Alliance because you guys are here. Now the Supreme Alliance disbanded, I want to learn a skill that can be used in the future.”

Feng Yi paused abruptly, then looked back, “Are you… not gaming again?”

“Mmh” Mo Bei replied.

Feng Yi wanted to say something. But Mo Bei opened her mouth before him. “If I am here, there will only be more discussions. Senior Lin and Master are very good now, but because of me, Uncle Feng will have to continue to be busy dealing with these topics.”

Feng Yi stretched out his hand to push the gold rimmed spectacles up his nose bridge. “It isn’t as complicated as you think.”

“I see everything.” Mo Bei’s eyes are deep. “Now there are people everywhere using the Supreme Alliance to talk about things, good and bad, there are impersonators and discrimation. I thought that people who like it will distinguish and tolerate it. But now, I understand that these are making it difficult for others. Because people will be impulsive because of the things they like, those invisible things will slowly start to brew.”

Probably because she was still young, Mo Bei also frowned, her small face calm. “It’s very complicated.”

Feng Yi glanced down. “It would be a pity if you don’t play professionally. There are many people who aren’t suitable to be professionals who insist on going pro but this is also the first time I heard that you want to learn a skill outside of gaming.”

Mo Bei remained silent, her backpack behind her.

Feng Yi laughed lightly. “With Young Master Qin and Z tutoring you, there wouldn’t be an issue with your studies.”

“My mentality isn’t good.” Mo Bei’s face was quite serious. “I want to calm down.”

This time, Feng Yi laughed aloud. “Your Master is right, little old cadre, what skills do you plan to learn?”

“Cooking.” Mo Bei glanced up. “Cooking is similar to gaming, it can make others happy.”

Feng Yi’s eyes were very light, as if he wanted to smoke. “I can handle the things right now. You don’t have to make this kind of decision now. Little Mo Bei, you have to believe that Uncle Feng is still good at fighting.”

“I believe you.” Mo Bei spoke in a low voice. “Didn’t Captain dissolve the Supreme Alliance because he disdains fighting? If you continue to fight, it would only disappoint Senior Lin and the others even more. Captain wants to keep what is in their hearts.”

Feng Yi felt a chill run through his back and after a long while, he said. “Don’t be resistant towards Esports because of these things.”

“I won’t.” Mo Bei’s small figure straightened. “I like Esports, I like following behind Master and I like being with Senior Lin and the others. I wouldn’t feel resistant because that is Esports. Now that Master and the others are tired and want to rest, I want to rest as well.”

Feng Yi’s phone rang, it was probably the contract team chasing him.

“You really made up your mind?” Feng Yi asked.

Mo Bei nodded, her small face clear.