Chapter 167 - Almighty Finds Something

Chapter 167: Almighty Finds Something

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Right now, Qin Mo looked even more dangerous than usual. He didn’t even have his usual aura of elegance, and the way he was looking to the drawer’s direction carried inexplicable depths.

In fact, after Qin Mo had seen Fu Jiu carry the drunk Feng Shang upstairs like that, his eyes had no way of turning warm again anymore.

No matter what, it was a fact that while he was waiting outside of the school, that young man was having fun drinking and playing outside…

With this in mind, Qin Mo’s eyes became even colder.

He walked to the headboard of the bed, glanced over the top, and his gaze instantly locked onto the drawer hidden down there.

With such delicate and detailed observation skills, he didn’t look like someone who had only studied psychology. Rather, he looked like a trained forensic doctor who was looking for evidence.

Fu Jiu watched him pull the drawer out with a “whoosh” using his long fingers.

There were a few pieces of a young girl’s items, inner garments—very trendy… Most of them had lace on them, and they all overflowed as he pulled the drawer out.

At that moment, Fu Jin only had one thought left in her head.

That was… She was doomed!

No matter how calm a person like Qin Mo was by nature, he was still shocked when he saw this.

Then, he picked up a black piece from the pile using his carbon pen and looked at Fu Jiu with freezing eyes. He totally looked like a third generation member of a military family. “I didn’t expect you to have such a wide range of interests. Shouldn’t you explain a little to your big brother why you have something like this in your room?”

Fu Jiu narrowed her eyes as light flashed across them. She also walked to the drawer with a smile on her face, acting like a gangster. “Brother Mo, you are a man. You should know it well; we men all have a few close girlfriends.”

“Close girlfriends?” The laughter coming out of Qin Mo’s lips turned colder, and he threw that thing away. Even his eyebrows showed his resentment towards Fu Jiu. “Aren’t you afraid of getting sick?”

Fu Jiu acted like she was very serious. “Brother Mo, I didn’t do anything. Those girls spent two days in my room and left some stuff, saying it would be slightly more convenient if they came to stay over next time.”

This explanation didn’t change the look on Qin Mo’s handsome face. On the contrary, a certain darkness, looking like black fog, was brewing in the bottom of his eyes.

He looked at the young man, before pinching Fu Jiu’s jaw with his fingers with more and more strength. He still had his black gloves on, and his pinch hurt as his fingers moved across Fu Jiu’s skin.

“I really underestimated your flirting ability.” The bigger Qin Mo’s smile was, the heavier the surrounding air became. “You have men, and you have women too!”

Fu Jiu moved away from his hand and smiled. “We’re just friends having fun. I will be careful next time.”

“There’s still a next time?” Qin Mo glanced at the young man. He was such a good looking kid, so why was he so infuriating?

Fu Jiu blinked. What else could she say?

But luckily, she was always like this, so with a flash of inspiration, she had come up with such an excuse.

Nobody knew how complicated her mood was after seeing those items discovered.

If this god knew she was a girl… He would strangle her for sure while coldly laughing.

“From today on, I will ask Driver Wang to pick you up from school at a fixed time every day.” Qin Mo was really cold, different from the tone in which he usually warned her. He deepened his voice. “If your close little birdies show up again, you can forget about your physics test because I will break your freaking paws. Now, go change the sheets.”