Chapter 1670 - Untitled

Chapter 1670: Untitled

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Feng Yi pulled his collar and rejected the call.

Bey’s official debut in the afternoon was cancelled at the last minute.

No one knew what the dotted member of the Supreme Alliance looked like. The only thing left behind was video footage of Bey’s character.

When she walked out of the club, Mo Bei didn’t bring anything with her. Instead, she left the keyboard she always carried around in front of a seat.

Hearing that the Supreme Alliance disbanded, Yun Shen, the little princess of the Yun family ran over, with the intention of accompanying her little friend. She knew that Mo Bei wouldn’t be feeling well.

Such things couldn’t be let go easily.

It was raining but the screens were still playing videos of the Supreme Alliance.

Yun Shen told the driver to stop, when she saw the figure by the road side. Her head was lifted as she looked at the screen in the plaza, her eyes chasing the figures on the screen.

Many years later, perhaps no one would remember them. But she would remember.

The pair of burning eyes started to bury her emotions bit by bit. She said that she would no longer play Esports again.

Back then, she was still too young, her eyes red.

Yun Shen didn’t know anything but she understood, no matter who it was, making such a decision was to protect.

When he made the decision to disband Qin Mo told Feng Yi to find out whether they wanted to join another team, to continue in the industry or do something else. They could always find a suitable company.

After being a professional for such a long time, each of them had their own savings. Hence, they didn’t have to worry about this.

Only Rao Rong didn’t have funds but the things he knew couldn’t be compared to an ordinary person.

Lin Feng asked him to be the product technical director several times, and Uncle Yin had given him the Internet cafe.

After Rao Rong finished working here, he would have to work there. But that face has not changed at all, and when he laughed, his eyes were half-curved. When he wasn’t laughing, he was cold and handsome.

After everyone took off their uniforms, they never touched the mouse and keyboard again.

We always had a fear. Fear of becoming an insignificant being amongst the many. Worried that being ineffective would polish off all the youthful air.

Thereafter, they realised that those were all in their eyes. But because they cherished it too much, it was interpreted with maturity.

Yaoyao was one of them. She was no longer the same as before, there were many teams that wanted to scout her at high prices. But she didn’t agree to any of them.

University was about to start. Life would definitely be different because she was about to move to another city.

If she remained here, she would always remember the days when she ate instant noodles in the internet cafe with Coco and the others.

Yaoyao’s academic results had always been above average, but after they trained and studied together, she excelled.

Sometimes, she would remember the silver haired youngster that bit on her lollipop and had a book covering her face. And occasionally, Captain would tap her. She would find excuses to avoid physics questions, her face ravishingly handsome. She would walk towards her, point out the questions she did incorrectly, and teach her an easier way to solve the problem.

One day before Xue Yaoyao left the Jiang family.

The Jiang family held an official succession. Which meant that Jiang Zuo would inherit the entire Jiang Group. Hence, many people came.

On such a big occasion, ambiance, good wine and delicacies are all essential. A soft and clear music was playing in the background, the commercial air thick. But that did not prevent more people from wanting to introduce their daughter to the youngest head of the Jiang family.