Chapter 1671 - Zuo Yao

Chapter 1671: Zuo Yao

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Jiang Zuo wouldn’t agree to such things. He swirled his wine glass, looking unapproachable.

Many people said that Jiang Zuo has changed. In the past, he would always be with girls but it was never permanent. He was never cold towards girls, just like central air conditioning. But he didn’t carry the temperature of a central air conditioning, rejecting them politely. To a certain extent, he was the worst sort.

But some rumours couldn’t be trusted. Jiang Zuo may be a bit of a bast*rd but he had never been seriously close to anyone.

Now it was even more so, it seems that there is something on his mind, so he couldn’t even put his heart into it.

Father Jiang walked over helplessly but yet, he didn’t know how to deal with this son that he had distanced from since a while ago.

“You will have to meet someone.” Father Jiang lowered his voice. “For the sake of business.”

Jiang Zuo was still cold towards his father. “Why? Do you want to sell me? I don’t think the Jiang family needs to do such a thing at this stage.”

“You had been in a bad mood, you kid…” Father Jiang didn’t know what to say, he was so infuriated that he turned his head aside.

Jiang Zuo paused. “Why don’t I see them?”

“Don’t you dislike seeing your auntie? She brought Little Heng and the others upstairs, Yaoyao would be leaving tomorrow.” Father Jiang sighed. “All of my things will be yours in the future, and I never let down your mother. I am old and don’t want to spend my later years alone.”

Jiang Zuo glanced up. “How do you explain things from before?”

Father Jiang drank a mouthful of champagne. “I made mistakes but it wasn’t when your mother fell sick, why don’t you believe it? I felt worse than you did when she left.”

Jiang Zuo didn’t say anything. When his mother died, he immediately went to find someone else, that was the truth.

Father Jiang knew what his son was bothered about and didn’t explain himself anymore. Perhaps, he too thought badly about himself as well. He once loved someone so much, but less than a month after she left, he fell for someone else.

Perhaps, he was too lonely back then. But regardless of what excuse he could find, it was too late.

“This has nothing to do with your auntie.”

He just met her and decided to form a family.

Jiang Zuo looked at his father. “That’s what you say. When you built your new family, did you even think about what you had destroyed?”

All the good feelings he had for her all disappeared. He felt that she and her family destroyed everything. That was the reason for his actions back then.

Because of that person, he no longer thought about the person in Heaven. In this world, he was the only one that remembered her last words, for him to listen to his father.

Hence, Jiang Zuo couldn’t forgive him. Even if he regretted it.

“Perhaps, I’m like you. That’s because I’m your son, we’re both bast*ards.” Jiang Zuo laughed and walked away.

Father Jiang was even more worried. Lately, his son was no longer rebellious and was beyond silent. What exactly happened?

Jiang Zuo just felt bored. His father said he loves him, but when he carried his new son, his smiles were happier than anyone else.

There was a sort of stubbornness that only single family children understood. That stubbornness would often cause harm to themselves.

No one would notice how lonely Jiang Zuo was when he walked in the middle of the dance floor. Because even the “little fatty” that understood him was leaving.