Chapter 1673 - Untitled

Chapter 1673: Untitled

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Jiang Zuo never felt the need to let go until this moment. If he wanted to stop her, there were ways. She cared about her family the most. He just had to make use of this point.

Jiang Zuo has always thought like a businessman. A scheming casanova, a little like Feng Yi.

But at this time, he let her go. When he turned his head to the side, his voice was very low. “I will get the driver to send you.”

“Alright.” Xue Yaoyao wasn’t hypocritical, and it wasn’t easy to get a cab here.

Jiang Zuo didn’t send her off because he knew that if he followed her any more, he would do something he would regret. However, her confidence was so beautiful it was unbearable.

In university, she would meet a lot of people.

When he thought of this, Young Master Jiang, who always strategized, could not stay calm. He watched as the car gradually disappeared in the night.

Jiang Zuo punched the tree at the side, his knuckles bruised and red with blood, but he didn’t seem to feel it at all.

If the housekeeper hadn’t come to inform him of the cake cutting, he wouldn’t have known his Young Master was hurt.

“Goodness.” The housekeep inhaled sharply and brought a cloth over hurriedly to dress the wound.

Jiang Zuo took the cloth strip and wrapped it around a few times, feeling calm. “It’s okay, go in.”

“Young Master…” The housekeeper was still worried. In reality, he knew the reason behind his Young Master’s actions.

In his opinion, in this world, if you don’t understand a person’s life, you won’t understand why he has such thoughts.

His family circumstances had imprinted a serious and lasting impression on him. But no one taught the young master what to do if he likes someone. Which made him feel that love is the most useless thing in this world.

If not, why did he find someone else? And it was shortly after his wife’s death.

The more someone cared about other’s emotions, the more perplexed he would be. He really needed someone to soften him.

The housekeeper knows that Miss Yaoyao was the most suitable person, although their identities weren’t appropriate. However, they weren’t related by blood.

It would be the best if Miss Yaoyao could forgive Young Master.

In the past, he met Miss Yaoyao when he sent the Young Master to school. Back then, the Young Master cared about her alot. Even though he didn’t say anything, he would always take an extra set of breakfast, saying that fat people needed to eat more.

If others heard it, they might think it was a ridicule but those that know Young Master would know he would never say that about people he didn’t care about.

Back then, Young Master’s personality was very warm. It was probably also because he couldn’t readily accept how Miss Yaoyao’s mother became the new mistress of the house.

Many people said that he had to understand, but no one tried to understand the young master.

The housekeeper sighed.

At the party, everyone was applauding and smiling.

Jiang Zuo cut the cake with the knife using one hand. Was this how his future life will be like? To be on guard everyday when he wakes up.

There would always be people around him but he would never feel anything again.

On the other side.

After hearing that Yaoyao was studying abroad, The No.1 Renminbi player in Zone C, Feng Shang, bought a lot of bags for her.

Coco remarked. “Superficial.”

Then he dragged the rabbit behind him and pressed it into Yaoyao’s hand. “In the future, let my little brother accompany you. This is not mine, I need to hug that to sleep. You can rest assured, it isn’t dirty.”

Feng Shang’s stutter was cured now, and he smirked. “Do you think everyone is as childish as you are, and would need to bite the bunny ears?”