Chapter 1674 - Untitled

Chapter 1674: Untitled

“It’s as if you haven’t bitten it before.” Coco glanced at him sideways.

It was always lively when the two of them were together.

Now that Uncle Yin is out playing, taking care of them naturally fell on Rao Rong’s shoulders. But compared to Uncle Yin, who would cook noodles for them, Rao Rong was considered very violent. He rolled up the magazine and hit each of them with a laugh. “Can you guys give Yaoyao a happy send off?”

“It hurts.” Coco protected his head. “Who should I find if I’m not smart anymore.”

Rao Rong tidied his shirt. “Find your parents and inherit the family business.”

Coco: …can they stop with this topic.

Rao Rong smiled lightly, he raised his hand and gave the gift he prepared to Xue Yaoyao. “Herbal sachets, it will be useful when you are in school.”

“Herbal sachets? Are you bringing your sorcerer character into reality?.” If Coco didn’t tease him back, he wouldn’t be able to prove his existence. But Coco couldn’t compete against Rao Rong.

Seeing the excitement in front of her, Xue Yaoyao knew that even if some people left to their respective fields, they would not forget each other.

During our youth, we were always anxious to grow up. Thinking that growing up meant we had the ability to solve everything by ourselves. When we finally entered university, we understood that the road beneath our feet is never easy.

There is separation, gloom, unexpected encounters, and a future that you can’t see even if you look up. Even then, we had to continue walking.

This is Xue Yaoyao, who came out of her transformation, and began to welcome her university life.

Before leaving, she met Jiang Zuo, the person she once liked, at the high-speed rail station.

The man said lightly. “Now that the Supreme Alliance has disbanded, I’ll see who else will cherish you.”

Xue Yaoyao looked at him, her eyes darkening and when it was dark to a certain extent, she pulled her luggage and walked past him without a word. There were too many emotions that some people didn’t understand. Hence, there wasn’t a need to say anymore. In her heart, the Supreme Alliance never disbanded. It was the one and only. An irreplaceable existence.

She could remember the youngster with her devilish smile the moment she shut her eyes. The way she ate hotpot, the slight tilt of her lips when she gamed and the flame in her eyes that couldn’t be extinguished even when she lost and was standing in the darkest place.

It seemed to be telling everyone that they could make a comeback.

Xue Yaoyao glanced out at the scenery outside the car.

Like never seems to be qualitative. Xue Yaoyao knew that very soon, there would be new teams and people’s adoration would be placed elsewhere. But similarly, she believed that the Supreme Alliance would be a memory engraved in some people’s hearts.

“She left?” In the car, Jiang Zuo lowered his head, his hair falling forward over his eyes, shielding his emotions.

The housekeeper sighed when he looked at the Young Master, he had been listless the entire day. “Yes, Miss Yaoyao has boarded the train.”

With that, Jiang Zuo’s long fingers tightened slightly before relaxing. His throat seemed to move with slight difficulty. “Let’s go.”

“Yes.” The housekeeper drove off.

Jiang Zuo took out the phone and moved to that avatar, but in the end, he did not send her the message to wish her a smooth journey. However, when he saw Qin Mo’s decision to live overseas temporarily for his someone, his eyes flashed.

He made a call to his professor. “Hello, Sir, it’s me. Mmh, about the thing you spoke to me about previously, I wanted to ask if University C has it. No, it isn’t about an investment, I want to go over.”