Chapter 1675 - Untitled

Chapter 1675: Untitled

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The next day it was a sunny day. The South is a lot more humid than the North.

C University.

When Xue Yaoyao got out of the car, she noticed that there were a lot of kapok trees, which were not seen in the North.

C University’s greenery was famous within the country. It was known as one of the most beautiful campuses. It was surrounded by the mountains and the ocean, and was often used as a background for films.

No one here knew Xue Yaoyao. It wasn’t because Xue Yaoyao didn’t have fans. Instead, not everyone watches Esports competition. Moreover, Xue Yaoyao changed her hairstyle and had lost five or six pounds as compared to when she last competed.

Those that experienced the beginning of University would understand, there were many seniors welcoming the freshmans.

Of course, there were a bunch of cars at the entrance of the university. The majority were sent by parents. There were also some like Xue Yaoyao who carried their own luggage.

However, after a few steps, someone called out from afar. “Student, student, are you here alone? We are part of the welcoming committee, we can help to carry your luggage.”

Xue Yaoyao wanted to refuse the help, but that person didn’t give her a chance to reject.

“Don’t be so polite, you can call me Senior from now on.” After he finished speaking, he flashed a row of small white teeth. He was very handsome and friendly.

Xue Yaoyao thought that this was probably an ordinary university life. “Thank you.”

“No worries, the welcoming committee is to provide convenience for the school girls.” The man was still laughing.

Another boy rushed over. “Providing convenience only to school girls? Aren’t you going to care about that side?”

“This school girl is alone.”

“As if I would believe you, you must have been attracted to her beauty.”

“It’s wrong for you to think that way.”

“That is how I think, I’ll send her.”

The boy snatched her suitcase and smiled at Xue Yaoyao: “Hey, where are you from, do you have a boyfriend? With your good looks, you must be single.”

“F*ck, that’s too much, it wasn’t easy for a good looking one to come around and you spoil…”

Xue Yaoyao felt more interesting the more she listened, she lowered her eyes and smiled.

The two of them stopped arguing when they saw her laugh. Just now, they saw her when she was far away. She carried her luggage and walked straight, a smile in her eyes and a gentle expression.

There weren’t many like her nowadays. Even a scheming girl would attract others. But her smile didn’t seem scheming at all. All those scheming girls should feel ashamed.

Xue Yaoyao saw that they were looking at her. “I can carry the luggage, there isn’t much inside and I would be able to find the female dormitories by following the crowd. I wouldn’t have to trouble you, thank you.”

She’s leaving just like that? The two of them exchanged glances and were just about to move.

Just then, they heard a voice. “Who is she?”

“Who? A freshman. Wait a minute, f*ck, i can’t believe this, Four, please don’t tell me you are interested in her.” He glared. “The girls in C university would cry if they hear this news!”

The person that walked over chuckled and when he smiled, there was a slight coldness. “Is it that unbelievable for me to be interested in someone?”

“No, she may be pretty but you don’t even care about the school beauty, why would you be interested in her?”

The person that came became serious. “Her type is more pleasant to the eyes. It’s interesting for her to stay so rational after the rukus between the two of you.”