Chapter 1676 - Untitled

Chapter 1676: Untitled

Yaoyao didn’t know she had caught someone’s eye. She pulled her luggage into the dorm.

There are usually four people in one university dorm. So there were bunk beds and a common desk near the window.

The South were stronger in their university designs. Some new dormitories would be like graduate dorms, so that each bed has a small table that can be pulled out.

Xue Yaoyao looked at the bunk beds that were different from the ones from High School. That was when she realised that her new life had begun.

The moment Xue Yaoyao entered, an adorable looking girl on the upper bunk exclaimed. “Wow, another beauty, our dorm room has pretty good looking people.”

Beauty? Xue Yaoyao has never been called this in the past. But she couldn’t deny her appearance after she had lost weight.

Xue Yaoyao couldn’t help laughing at his remark.

Because the Supreme Alliance was also good looking. In the past, whenever Senior Lin gamed, he would say, “Little Spade, let’s debut as a boy band. With our good looks, we have to display light and heat. We can bring Zhao Sanpang along, he can be tasked with boasting about the group…”

At this point, Xue Yaoyao suddenly paused, not allowing her thoughts to continue on. She lifted her head and looked at the girl. “Hello, I am Xue Yaoyao.”

“I know.” The adorable doll-like girl glanced over. “Your name is marked here, I’m your upper bunk, Li Tao. You can call me Tao.”

Xue Yaoyao laughed lightly. “Tao.”

“Pretty, very pretty!” Li Tao giggled. “I’m going onto the school website to report my attendance and mention the high standards of beauty of our dorm.”

“I don’t think that’s good.” The girl who had just made her bed, wore glasses, and was very literary. “How can anyone praise their own dorm room? Tao, don’t cause trouble.”

“Yuyu is right.” Li Tao had a naive personality. “Should we have a dorm gathering on the first day of our stay?”

The girl named Yuyu nodded. “We can.”

“What about Yaoyao?” Li Tao tilted her head over.

Xue Yaoyao smiled. “Sure, I’ll be ready after tidying up.”

“Then we’re left with our goddess Zi Xuan.” Li Tao raised her head and looked at the girl who was putting on makeup in front of the mirror. “Going?”

Zi Xuan turned. She is indeed pretty, with an indescribable air around her. “Of course I’ll go.”

“Great, I’ll see if there’s any recommendation on the school website.”

It seemed like every freshman girl. Xue Yaoyao listened to the chattering laughter in the dormitory and started her most ordinary life.

It was not the same as before, when she looked forward to playing another game every day. Now, it seemed more everlasting.

Generally, there would be many restaurants near a university. Especially in the university town, there would be many restaurants with affordable and delicious food. Amongst those was a hipster BBQ restaurant, it didn’t take long for Li Tao to pick that spot.

“The school website said that the food is delicious. The most important thing is that handsome men and beautiful women love to visit this place.” Li Tao winked at Xue Yaoyao and the others, she stretched out her hand to open the store website.

Indeed, it was a popular restaurant. Moreover, there were many freshmen today that wanted to gather for a meal to get to know each other.

It was a hot day and eating in an airconditioned place like this was definitely comfortable. Hence, there were even more people.

“Do we have to queue for a long…” The moment she said that, a voice called out. “Hey, isn’t this the freshman from today?”