Chapter 1677 - Untitled

Chapter 1677: Untitled

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When she heard that voice Xue Yaoyao turned over and smiled. “Senior?”

“Hey, this is fate!” He was the first person Xue Yaoyao met when she entered the campus. “Your dorm mates?”

Xue Yaoyao nodded.

The person laughed and said, “It seems like all the good looking people live in the same dorm room, for instance, our dormitory is the same.”

Hearing his words, Li Tao and the others laughed.

“You can’t find seats right? Juniors, wait a minute, I’ll speak to Four. No, let’s sit together.” He spoke haphazardly, leaving a sentence before turning towards the side.

Li Tao asked. “Yaoyao, he is funny. How did you know him? Were you friends from before?”

“No, he is from the welcoming committee.” Xue Yaoyao was in admiration of his quick familiarity, he was indeed enthusiastic and interesting.

“Oh.” Li Tao said and winked. “To be so close after just one meeting, Yaoyao, is he perhaps…”

She didn’t manage to finish the sentence. Just then a voice called out and the person signalled them over. “Juniors, come over here, we can fit another four people if we pull a table over. You girls are thin, it wouldn’t take up much space.”

No one disliked such things. Not to mention the cheerful Li Tao, even the quiet Ah Yu couldn’t help laughing.

“Going?’ Xue Yaoyao still wanted to ask her roommates for their opinions.

Even though their personalities were different, they were rather open. “Let’s go.”

“Then let’s go.” Xue Yaoyao walked over.

It was originally nothing, but when she was about to reach the table, Li Tao suddenly whispered. “My God, how could it be him.”

“Him, who?” Ah Yu asked.

Li Tao didn’t dare to point. “Look at the most handsome person at that table, he is the famous C University school hunk and is almost considered a first-class protected animal. He is great at everything and looks like a celebrity. I had just liked him on the school site. I didn’t expect that the skies would have eyes, to allow me to see him in person.”

Hearing Li Tao’s voice, the others turned over to look.

Even the quiet Ah Yu had a faint blush on her face. “I’ve heard of him before. School Hunk Lin Yang seems to be two years above us and has always been popular. Even the professors are fond of him.”

“The one in white?” After eyeing him for a while, she smiled. “Handsome indeed. Does he have a girlfriend?”

“Zi Xuan, are you that straightforward?” Li Tao lowered her voice. “Let me tell you, he doesn’t. Senior seems to be rather busy recently and has never been particularly close with anyone.”

Xue Yaoyao listened to her and found it interesting. After all, when she was with that person, no one would look even if there was someone good looking. They would focus their attention on her.

Gracefulness was always used to describe her. Silver hair, that flamboyant handsomeness, and that gentle laziness.

She could speak responsibly. After meeting a person like her, it was rare for Xue Yaoyao to be in awe of anyone else’s appearance. With that, she became the least enthusiastic person.

But it was obvious that the person at the table was indeed handsome. He managed to carry his own air even in such a chaotic environment.

It’s rare.