Chapter 1678 - The World Loves Your Light

Chapter 1678: The World Loves Your Light

The senior said, “Four, I brought the people here.”

What did he mean? Li Tao and the others exchanged glances, his words feeling ambiguous.

“Okay, sit down quickly, and be careful that Four stops tutoring you.”

Lin Yang smiled, he glanced up towards Xue Yaoyao. “Our dorm room is rather lively.”

He was only speaking to Yaoyao? Zi Xuan basically caught on and nudged Li Tao with a bright smile.

Li Tao was enlightened after being hinted to by Zi Xuan, the love expert. They looked at each other, sure that there would be drama.

The skewers entered the pot. The boys had a friendly demeanour.

“Let’s introduce ourselves. I am Zhang Yang and as for the other three, I’ll have to start boasting about our Fourth, the treasure of the school. There is a lot of information about Four on the school site, you can take a look…”

Li Tao spoke softly. “We already did.”

Zhang Yang laughed loudly. “Then I wouldn’t have to elaborate. Isn’t he handsome in person? He can earn a living with his photos right?”

“Brother Zhang.” Lin Yang glanced down.

He restrained himself a lot. “Four gets shy easily. Let’s talk about something else. By the way, where are you guys from?”

“Lin Mao.”

“Huai Jin.”


“Jiang City.”

After Xue Yaoyao spoke, Zhang Yang tapped his head. “Jiang City, it sounds familiar.”

“You must be lying, how can it be unfamiliar? It’s the most obvious city on the map board. Junior, why didn’t you go to school in Jiang City?”

After all, the admission scores for C University and the schools there were similar.

Xue Yaoyao laughed lightly. “I haven’t left home before and wanted to try living independently.”

“Good idea.” Zhang Yang tilted his head to look at Lin Yang. “It’s the same for our Four, he is a local but insists on staying on campus to train himself.”

Lin Yang didn’t retaliate this time, the smile still on his face.

Zhang Yang felt that it was rare to find a girl he was so satisfied with. He activated the familiarizing mode.

Xue Yaoyao listened at the side, and would place a skewer into her bowl occasionally, thinking about the times the group ate skewers hotpot with beer.

That person’s care came in many forms. She helped her snatch meat, hide the beer bottles and finally, she would hold onto her face, the tear mole beneath her eyes clear.

All these were gone because of many things.

In the past, she always thought that starting a new life was what she wanted. But gradually, she realised something. She wanted to return to those days.

Every day was tiring, but that group was around. Regardless of what they encountered, what they could say and what they said wouldn’t be believed. Hence, the silence. But that couldn’t win against being able to fight together, watching that person swing her mouse with her tilted head and smile.

She was probably an acceptable fan. It wasn’t just Highness Jiu, it was the same for those people.

They left so quickly that she could barely say to them. To others, you may just be a part of the Supreme Alliance. Many people would say they didn’t like Spade Z, that she is fake. Or perhaps, they would say Lin Feng is a disappointment for not replying but that didn’t affect my love for the Supreme Alliance. Or that Luoluo is just that way or she wouldn’t have retired. Or many would say, that this is the best team, this team has my youth. But she only had one thing to say.

Even if you guys lost your light, returning to the most ordinary life, even if you don’t game anymore, becoming an ordinary person amongst the many, I will still like you, as always.