Chapter 1679 - Not Dating

Chapter 1679: Not Dating

This meal wasn’t useless. It managed to bring both dorm rooms closer together.

“Juniors, you can find Four if you need help with your schoolwork, don’t be shy.”

“Yes, don’t ever be shy.”

It can be said that these two spared no effort in order to assist Four. In the past, whenever they said such things, Four would treat them coldly immediately. But this time, he clearly allowed it.

When they reached the dorm room, Li Tao said. “Yaoyao, let me tell you, our School Hunk is definitely interested in you!”

Xue Yaoyao didn’t deny.

Her acceptance made Li Tao dazed. “At this moment, shouldn’t you say it’s impossible and that I’m thinking too much?”

“Ah?” Xue Yaoyao was confused. “Am I supposed to say that?”

Zi Xuan was initially neutral towards these people in the dormitory, thinking that they hadn’t been through much, but now that she heard Xue Yaoyao’s words, she leaned with a smile. “No, after all, girls have a sixth sense. If you say that, it will only prove that you are shy or that you can’t see it. Since you pretended like you didn’t see anything, I thought you were shy, but now, it seems that you are not.”

Xue Yaoyao laughed lightly. “I can feel that they were trying to pair me up with Senior Lin Yang.”

“Then what do you think?” Li Tao was confused by her unexpected response, this wasn’t what the comics were like.

Xue Yaoyao glanced up. “Me? I don’t have plans to get into a relationship now, I want to study first.”

“Yaoyao, are you kidding? You came to university to study?” Li Tao was a face of disapproval. “Haven’t you heard that your youth would be wasted if you still don’t date?”

Zi Xuan agreed to that. “Not dating? Study? I just complimented you and now I want to call you…”

“Fake?” Xue Yaoyao continued for her and smiled again. “It’s probably because my plans aren’t the same. I don’t intend to date now, I want to enrich myself and as for the course I chose, it will probably get very busy when the time comes. If I meet someone suitable I won’t reject him but that would be around two to three years later.”

Li Tao smirked. “Life plans.”

Honestly, she couldn’t carry on the conversation. After all, they just entered university and today was the first day. Isn’t it too soon to be talking about life plans?

“Yaoyao, where did a conservative fossil like you come from?” Li Tao buried her head under the blanket adorably.

Xue Yaoyao teased. “Indeed, you guys are still too young to learn.”

This sentence made the people in the dorm laugh again. That was when they realised that Yaoyao really had no intention of dating.

How should they put it? At this age, she is pretty, sincere, hardworking, and has long-term planning. It wasn’t easy to hate someone like her.

Weng… Weng… Li Tao’s phone vibrated, she glanced down at her screen and said. “It’s senior, he asks if we want to play games and says that Four is especially good at gaming. He can bring us to victory.”

Li Tao’s eyes lit up. “That’s great, I’m lacking an Almighty to earn points. Senior said that he and the School Hunk can form two teams to bring us, one would play the assassin and the other would play the tank. Yaoyao, what do you think, we can play together. I saw the hero game on your phone.”

Xue Yaoyao paused and glanced over with a smile. “I’ll pass, I’m an average player. You guys can play.”