Chapter 168 - Almighty Started Grilling Fu Jiu Again

Chapter 168: Almighty Started Grilling Fu Jiu Again

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“Change the sheets?” Fu Jiu tried to remind this god that it was nighttime. “Why change the sheets at night…”

An icy half-smile was still lingering on Qin Mo’s lips, and he only crisply said four words: “It pollutes my eyes.”

“Fine.” Fu Jiu remembered that this god was a neat freak and called Chen Xiaodong in.

Chen Xiaodong tried extremely hard to signal his young master with his eyes.

He thought that he had seen Young Master Qin kissing “him.”

He wanted to know whether it was true.

“Get a fresh sheet and change this.” Fu Jiu didn’t notice his little butler’s expression at all.

Chen Xiaodong’s mouth was badly twitching.

Fu Jiu lifted her eyebrows. “What is it!”

Chen Xiaodong wanted to give her some obvious hints, but he saw that Young Master Qin was standing next to the ceiling-to-floor window and turning the pages of a book. His voice was extremely low as he said, “Take the stuff in the drawer with you and throw them away.”

Things in the drawer? Chen Xiaodong had no idea what he was talking about.

Then his young master calmly handed him two bras… BRAS?!

“Young Master, why do we have these at home?!”

Chen Xiaodong screamed out!

Fu Jiu explained calmly, “My friends left them here. Now, take them out, I still need to study with Almighty.”

If he stayed longer, her lie of taking girls home would be exposed…

What friends?!

Young Master never had friends, alright?!

Chen Xiaodong was pushed outside despite knowing that his young master was lying.

And his young master didn’t even lay “his” eyes on girls before, so how was this possible… Chen Xiaodong lowered his head and looked at those eyesore pieces of lingerie.

So… Young Master wanted Young Master Qin so badly that he started to imagine “himself” as a girl?!

Chen Xiaodong’s eyes were full of shock, and his face looked awful.

Should he inform Madam about this… No, forget it. Young Master had just changed for the better. If he told Madam such cruel things, she would want to faint!

In the room, Qin Mo was still standing by the window. Behind him was a sky full of mist and fog. An icy chill entered the room through the window and seeped into his eyes.

No matter where this man stood, he made the whole place look like an international conference hall.

But it was just a simple physics tutorial session. She really couldn’t figure out how he was raised up so elegantly. She even started to get curious about what his mother was like now…

Fu Jiu had a full theater play going on inside her mind, and just as she was about to go finish copying the rest of the problems…

“So you read these kinds of books?” Qin Mo flipped the book cover to let her see it more clearly, and he curled his lips up into a partially mocking smile. “The Domineering CEO Loves Me, Sleep with a Rich Young Master, Capturing My Little Sweetheart, Don’t Run, Domineering School Hunk!? All in the same category—Cinderella meets her Prince Charming. Heh, good taste!”

Fu Jiu noticed the mockery as well, and she said seriously, “Life is already hard as it is. I just want to relax when I read. This kind of book doesn’t require using the brain to read, so it’s perfect for me.”

“Good excuse.” Qin Mo curled his thin lips again. He definitely wasn’t complimenting her. “Then you should know what type of people would read this kind of book, right? Girls. You are a boy, and you are proud of it? And…” Qin Mo paused a little as he analyzed up this point. He sounded emotionless as he continued, “So you ARE the one who’s on the bottom.”

[0] Grilling someone meaning fixing someone; giving someone a lesson