Chapter 1680 - Gaming Expert, Yao

Chapter 1680: Gaming Expert, Yao

“It’s fine even if you are average, it doesn’t matter since someone would be carrying us. What’s there to be worried about?’ Li Tao nudged Xue Yaoyao’s arm.

Xue Yaoyao shook the toiletries in her hand. “You guys go ahead, I’ll take a bath.”

“We’ll wait for you to come out.” Li Tao looked at her back view and laughed.

Beside her, Zi Xuan said. “She doesn’t want to fight, don’t wait.”

“She isn’t playing even with the School Hunk?” Li Tao shook his head. “As expected, am I the only one that looks at appearance?”

Zi Xuan took the mirror over. “That’s not necessary but I haven’t seen many people with Yaoyao’s temperament. I’m afraid that this time, the School Hunk would be the one sinking in.”

It was a warning.

That day, Lin Yang didn’t have much interest when he saw that Xue Yaoyao wasn’t playing.

The other people in the dorm were confused.

“This junior isn’t tempted by our Four?”

“Is she perhaps playing hard to get?”

“Bro, I don’t think it should be used in this situation, I just think she wasn’t interested.”

“Right, she definitely wasn’t interested. This really feels too much to be able to see Four being rejected in my lifetime… F*ck, wait, what happened to my laptop? F*ck!”

Lin Yang laughed, not the least bit of joy. “You said too much.”

“I said too much? I must have hit where it hurts, Four.”

Lin Yang looked at him with a smile.

He backed off and changed the topic. “Right, Four, I’m still finding the part timer you wanted. Don’t worry, with such a high salary, there would definitely be people. We’re finding a suitable candidate now.”

“It’s not necessary.” Lin Yang glanced down. “I found one.”

“You found it? Who?” Did Four recently meet a game master?

Lin Yang didn’t say anything.

Before sleeping he was disappointed, but there was something that bothered him. He could talk to her tomorrow.

Hence, the next day there was a commotion in the library.

While Xue Yaoyao was reading, Lin Yang sat beside her. She was caught off guard. Hence, when Yaoyao lifted her head and saw him, her fingers stilled. “Senior.”

Beside her, there were people whispering.

Lin Yang held two cups of coffee in his hands, and he pushed one of them to Yaoyao. It was obvious that he didn’t do these things often. “I hope I didn’t interrupt you.”

Xue Yaoyao listened to the discussion around her, and hesitated for a while before saying, “It seems like there is some interruption.”

This way, it was not ambiguous at all, making Lin Yang smile, clear and clean. “I want to talk to you about something.”

“Mmh?” Xue Yaoyao couldn’t think of anything for him to ask her.

Lin Yang looked at the increasing crowd in the library and after deliberating, he asked. “Should we go somewhere else?”

“Sure.” Xue Yaoyao also felt the pressure from being watched.

After they left the library, they went to the trees near the lake.

It was a rather hot day, so walking by the lake was better than sitting. At least there was a breeze.

When there were fewer people, Lin Yang explained his intention directly. “I major in development. I have a game project and would need someone with a fast hand to help me test it. But the base pay is not very high. I had been contemplating on whether or not to ask you and in the end, after thinking through it, you are still the most suited person. It would be one 100rmb per hour. If the problem can be located, lunch would be included. The test is around 20 days. So, do you want to come?”