Chapter 1682 - Our Junior Is An Almighty

Chapter 1682: Our Junior Is An Almighty

Xue Yaoyao’s words successfully resolved the embarrassment.

The person sighed again. She is indeed a good girl and wasn’t scheming at all. It’s a pity she isn’t interested in Four. But what is she doing here if she isn’t interested?

“Okay.” Lin Yang took his hand away. “Stop playing, let me do the introductions, this is my new game tester. Starting tomorrow, we will be working together”

“Game tester? Four, are you crazy? Seriously, if Junior Yaoyao didn’t say she has a boyfriend, I would start to suspect that you hired her in order to chase her. Yesterday, Tao said that Yaoyao’s skills are average, do you have any idea of that concept?”

Xue Yaoyao was curious. “What’s the concept?”

“Burden?” That person turned and wanted to slap himself. “Junior, I’m not calling you a burden, I mean…. a game tester isn’t for an ordinary person, there is a strict hand speed requirement and should at least be considered an Almighty, the kind that has never been killed.”

In reality, Xue Yaoyao’s hand speed wasn’t considered fast. Her skills are considered average in the Supreme Alliance, but everyone knew she spent the most amount of time practicing. So the hand speed of professional players should not be a worry.

“I can.” Xue Yaoyao said.

The person licked his teeth and hadn’t had the chance to speak yet.

Lin Yang interrupted him. “The both of you can have a match.”

“Me against a junior? PK?” The person shook his hand. “No, I am not as mad as you are. I don’t fight against girls, it’s in my gentleman’s character.”

Lin Yang smirked.

The person immediately changed: “Mobile phone or the computer? Let’s play the mobile version, really, if it is a mobile game, at least junior can run the map.”

“Computer.” Xue Yaoyao smiled lightly. “So that we can test the hand speed.”

“We’re really competing?”

Lin Yang raised his brow. “Why? Scared of losing?”

“Hahaha, Me? Scared of losing to a girl? Four are you kidding? Just because of this, I would definitely have to show my true colours!”

Hence, the computers were turned on and they entered the game. Twenty minutes later, he lost…

That person looked at the results on the screen and couldn’t even stand up.

Who told him that Junior Yaoyao’s skills are average? Doesn’t her conscience hurt?

He was thoroughly trashed.

“Senior, did I pass the audition?” Xue Yaoyao removed the earphone, her side profile beautiful.

“You didn’t just pass, let’s discuss something, Junior, don’t tell anyone that I lost, I still intend to find a girlfriend in university…” That person lifted his head and halfway through, he looked at Lin Yang and suddenly remembered something. “Yesterday, you said that you had found someone, is that…”

“It’s her.” Lin Yang finished his sentence.

That person’s eyes widened. That explains his interest in Junior Yaoyao. He had discovered a talent.

“That’s not right, how did you know Junior Yaoyao can play so well?”

Lin Yang saw that Xue Yaoyao had stilled and didn’t make any explanation. “I chanced upon it by coincidence.”

“Ah, I knew it! Is it like the comics where you saw it in an internet cafe?”


“That’s rich!”

Xue Yaoyao resisted the urge to laugh. It was indeed possible. It turned out that boys read romance novels as well. She successfully avoided having to explain some things.

Lin Yang had helped to conceal her identity. As such, Yaoyao moved behind the scenes.