Chapter 1683 - Yaoyao's Counterattack

Chapter 1683: Yaoyao’s Counterattack

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Xue Yaoyao was suited to be a game tester.

It wasn’t just the job scope but also the emotional sustenance. Since she was in the team with many boys, it was not difficult for her to get along with those seniors. And her identity wasn’t exposed.

It was probably really a new beginning.

It’s just that something else would happen.

For instance, she was the only girl in the School Hunk’s project. Moreover, she was a freshman.

This would always spread some gossip in the eyes of others. It was the same as every novel.

After Xue Yaoyao finished class the next day, she was about to eat with the people in the dormitory when she was stopped by three female upperclassmen.

“Who is Xue Yaoyao?” There were three of them with good temperament.

Li Tao tugged Yaoyao a bit.

Xue Yaoyao smiled and glanced up. “I am.”

“Can we have a talk?” One of them smiled slightly. She has a literary air around her and generally, she wouldn’t be rejected. Moreover, the people around recognised her.

Li Tao was more than familiar with her, which is the reason she tugged on Yaoyao’s sleeve.

According to the school site, she was a famous student in C University that was best matched with the School Hunk. She was gentle and compatible with him in both appearance and family background. They had also hosted the welcoming dinner event together.

It also said that they were pretty close in private.

She was probably the only one who could talk to the School Hunk. Hence, the school site claimed that they are a couple.

Li Tao read the gossip when they just arrived and would definitely believe it was true. But now, the School Hunk was obviously chasing her Yaoyao.

Unless the School Hunk is a scumbag, it was probably the literary female upperclassman’s wishful thinking.

One sided love could easily become extreme.

Li Tao was anxious to bring Yaoyao away and was just about to speak.

Just then, Xue Yaoyao smiled. “I’m sorry, Senior, I’m about to have lunch with my friends. If there is really something to talk about, can we talk about it here directly?”

Wen Wanqing was probably never rejected so directly before. Her eyes stopped on Xue Yaoyao’s face.

The person beside her laughed. “Seriously… there is something wrong with the freshman this year or do they not understand anything? The literary department wants to speak to you, what’s with your attitude?”

Xue Yaoyao glanced up at the exquisite face. She had encountered such situations when she was in high school.

Because of Jiang Zuo, she had been talked to in this manner. After experiencing something like that, she would always subconsciously feel inferior when she saw such a good looking girl. Regardless of when it is.

Just when she thought her life was set, someone better looking appeared.

When she wore the school uniform, she looked like a pretty boy, and when she wore black gauze, she looked like a stunning demoness. But the difference is that regardless of her appearance, she would stand against the obstacles, shouldering everything, not wavering even the slightest.

Xue Yaoyao understood one thing, if she wanted others to look up to her, the most important thing was for her to look up to herself. It had nothing to do with appearance. Instead, it was looking through these people. Regardless of how beautiful they look, it was only one’s exterior.

Xue Yaoyao replied steadily. “Senior, the various departments probably haven’t started their recruitment yet. Besides, I doubt that the school will force students to join clubs. It isn’t right for you to block me at the entrance of my classroom and now, you are bringing up your literary department? What are you trying to do?”