Chapter 1684 - Untitled

Chapter 1684: Untitled

“You!” That person narrowed her eyes.

There was a commotion not far away.

“A teaching assistant?”

“Who is the person beside him?”

“I don’t know.”

“Gosh, he is so handsome.”

“Didn’t the professor say there would be a teaching assistant coming over? Is he the one?”

Before they could finish their speculations.

Wen Wanqing already realized one thing, she couldn’t continue asking here. “It’s not as serious as you think, our department of literature and art thinks that you aren’t bad and wanted me to ask if you wanted to join the club. However, since you aren’t willing, we won’t force it.”

One she was done, Wen Wanqing walked away with her people. After all, this was a freshman building. It really wasn’t suitable for third year students to be standing at the entrance.

It would have been fine if there weren’t so many people looking. Moreover, it wouldn’t be good to attract the professor’s attention.

Besides, everyone’s attention wasn’t placed on them, because the ‘new teaching assistant being very handsome’ had spread amongst the freshman.

Xue Yaoyao was eating with Li Tao and as a person dedicated to studying the school site, Li Tao was very interested in this new teaching assistant.

“He really is an Almighty, it’s spreading so fiercely but there isn’t a single photo on the school site.” Li Tao held the bamboo chopsticks and looked at the tray in front of her. “Yaoyao, who exactly is this new teaching assistant for privacy to be done so well?”

Xue Yaoyao ate a mouthful of rice and chuckled. “He is a teaching assistant after all. He is getting acquainted with the professor first so probably no one would dare to take pictures.”

“That’s true.” Li Tao first admitted, but added. “It’s not that they don’t dare to take pictures, but there is no photo. However, no matter how mysterious this person is, he is no match against our school girl’s pursuit for a handsome man.”

Xue Yaoyao was helpless. “What sort of description is that?”

“It’s true, believe me, the school site said that this teaching assistant definitely isn’t simple. Otherwise, it wasn’t possible for them to not have found anything. He must definitely have some sort of background.” Li Tao said. “More importantly, those who have seen this teaching assistant said that in the future, the status of our School Hunk will not be guaranteed.”

Xue Yaoyao placed her chopsticks down. “Seems like he is very handsome.”

“He isn’t just handsome, they said that when he is wearing the teaching assistant uniform and the corner of his eyes is raised to a light chuckle, it makes others think of a young master, a chivalrous and wilful air between his brows.”

Xue Yaoyao stood up with a laugh. “That’s poetic.”

“It’s true.” Li Tao followed and cleaned the table. “Oh right, are you going to work at the School Hunk’s side later?”

“Mmh.” Xue Yaoyao replied. Because it was inconvenient to say some things, she told her roommates she was doing part-time work to summarize her current job scope.

“The new teaching assistant would be going over with the professor later.” Li Tao followed her hurriedly. “The school site said that he is very interested in your project and wanted the professor to bring him over for a look.”

Xue Yaoyao sighed heavily. “You guys even know about the conversation he had with the professor?”

“You must believe in our persistence and power we have for handsome men.” Li Tao laughed cheekily. “Some school girls heard it when the professor brought him to eat at the exceptionally expensive canteen ahead. As expected, the School Hunk’s project is famous.”

Xue Yaoyao declined to comment.

Li Tao nudged her with her arm. “If you meet the teaching assistant later, could you take a photo if it is convenient?”