Chapter 1685 - Untitled

Chapter 1685: Untitled

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“Take a photo?” X frowned. “It wouldn’t be convenient with the professor there.”

Li Tao pondered for a while before giggling. “That’s true but take one if there is a possibility. I wouldn’t force you, I just wanted to see the hunk.”

Xue Yaoyao knew her dorm mate’s personality, and smiled. “I will definitely take one if I have a chance. After all, I am also a fan of handsome men.”

“Isn’t that right…”

The voices of the two girls became lower and lower, disappearing into the wind, just like all college freshmen.

Liking handsome men is an ordinary thing.

On the other side.

In the canteen.

The professor also realized the charm of the new student he brought with him, and chuckled lightly. “After you arrived, the girls In C university have a new goal again. It’s just a meal and yet, there is a crowd below. Your father was still worrying about your relationship, but from what I see, that is completely unnecessary.”

“At the start, I didn’t know that Uncle Bai was here. I was still waiting for the school to approve the papers.” The man sat in the dark. Even though he was wearing an ordinary teaching assistant uniform, it was difficult to conceal the business aura and hint of extravagance. “Fortunately, I came over.”

Professor Bai smiled again. “With your ability, you would have been able to come in by yourself. I am curious. Why are you so anxious about switching to C University. Don’t you find it a pity? Your major in A University is very popular.”

“I’m here to be a teaching assistant, there is nothing to pity.” That person placed his bamboo chopsticks down.

Professor Bai arched his brows. “Do you think I’ll believe that?”

“Okay, I’ll explain.” No matter when and what identity, that person still had a playboy temperament. “I’m here to chase someone.”

Professor Bai was startled. “Chase someone? You are chasing someone?”

“Mmh.” He replied and when he laughed, the girls below really wanted to snap a shot.

Professor Bai was even more curious. “Who is she to have made you chase her across provinces? A freshman of C University? You have never chased anyone before in the past and said that there is joy in being chased.”

That person glanced down. “I was ignorant back then.”

“It really isn’t simple, for you to think you had been ignorant. It makes me even more curious about the person you are chasing.” Professor Bai smiled while drinking a sip of tea. “Does your dad know about this?”

That person’s gaze paused. “I don’t know, I don’t intend to tell him.”

Seeing this, Professor Bai stopped his questioning. After all, he knew about their relationship. It was tense.

“Okay, we’re almost done, I’ll take you to look at the projects here, didn’t you say that you are very interested in that game development?” Professor Bai stood up first.

The man followed, wearing a teaching assistant uniform, that he managed to force an aristocratic style out of.

In the studio for the project, everyone was cleaning. That wasn’t the norm. Afterall, when they were creating the game, hygiene was something these boys would neglect. If there was time, they would rather write more code. Of course, it was much better after Junior Yaoyao joined them. But, it was still bad.

Now, the professor was coming. So in order to let the professor and the legendary outstanding teaching assistant who could defeat their Four, know that their project couldn’t be done by just anybody. They couldn’t compromise on hygiene!

So while someone was cleaning, someone else was on guard.

“F*ck, they’re here, they’re here!”