Chapter 1686 - Untitled

Chapter 1686: Untitled

“Are you guys done? They are here!”

“Cough, what’s the rush, calm down, calm down. Get Four and Yaoyao to welcome the guests.”

Xue Yaoyao was defeated at the term ‘welcoming guests’.

They were left with the trash at the back, but they would first have to head out and say a few words.

Lin Yang placed the things in his hands down and glanced up towards Xue Yaoyao. “Let’s go out.”

“Yeah.” Xue Yaoyao put down the rag, wiped her hands, and took the phone over. There was a basic version of the game on it.

Outside the workroom, Professor Bai was still showing off to the teaching assistant next to him. “Look, don’t the students in C University know more about life than the students in A University? These little plants were all planted by them.”

The teaching assistant swept a glance at it, and there was a dandy smile on the corner of his mouth. “Uncle Bai, the programmers don’t even have time to clean up, it isn’t possible for them to have time to plant flowers. This was probably brought over from somewhere else. Isn’t there a little bow that girls like? It seemed to be moved from the girls’ dormitory.”

Professor Bai stilled.

The teaching assistant chuckled. ‘I shouldn’t have exposed it.”

Professor Bai was just about to speak.

Just then a voice called out. “Professor.”

It was his proudest disciple.

Professor Bai glanced up. “This is?”

“We are here to welcome you and the teaching assistant.” Lin Yang smiled and glanced over at the tall figure. “These plants were indeed brought over from the female dormitory, we have a few more girls in our team now.”

Professor Bai cheered. “Didn’t I tell you, they know about living.”

However, the handsome teaching assistant next to him didn’t say much, he fixed his sight on one person, and all the light seemed to scatter in his eyes, like gold passing through the years.

As compared to before, there were much more emotions but his voice was faint. “I know, I came because of the girl in your team.”

Xue Yaoyao stood there, looking at the new teaching assistant that had blown up the conversations, and her mind went blank, there wasn’t anything at all.

How… How can it be him? That was her only thought. But she wasn’t the same as before. Hence, she wouldn’t let her feelings show.

In contrast, Lin Yang’s hands stilled. He glanced at the person beside him then at the man that was standing in the shadows and the smile on his face faded.

It was because of their ambiguous relationship.

Even though they weren’t standing together, it still felt as though there was an unbreakable string.

Professor Bai was helpless, even though he was here to chase her, he couldn’t just put it so plainly.

“Cough.” As a teacher, Professor Bai coughed once. “Alright, Jiang Zuo, don’t bring that to our C University, come over and let me do the introductions first.”

Jiang Zuo smiled and walked out from the shadows.

At this moment, Xue Yaoyao could see more clearly, from his eyes to his face, everything was clear as day.

“I don’t need to be introduced.” Jiang Zuo glanced up. “I checked before I came, the son of the Lin’s. He has excellent grades and is the student you are most proud of.”

Professor Bai wanted to educate this rasc*l.

Jiang Zuo had already stretched his hand out. “Jiang Zuo, I will be your teaching assistant and program advisor from now onwards.”

The Jiang family has always been polite and respectful.

If they really had to be compared, Jiang Zuo was more three-dimensional, probably because of the strong contradictory aura on him.

Even though he had a playboy image, there was an indescribable loneliness when he lowered his gaze.