Chapter 1687 - Untitled

Chapter 1687: Untitled

He raised his eyes, looked at Xue Yaoyao, and broke into a radiant smile, but it couldn’t compare to his eyes. “You seem to be even more beautiful than before, did you lose weight again?”

Professor Bai didn’t wish to say much anymore. They were all here, didn’t he know how to restrain himself?

Since a certain someone didn’t know how to restrain himself, he laughed. “Are you trying to act close?”

However, it is really rare for a girl to remain so calm and gentle in the face of this casanova. So Professor Bai couldn’t help turning to look at Xue Yaoyao.

There were many emotions in Jiang Zuo’s smile. “You haven’t met her before so you probably didn’t know, she is my sister. There isn’t a need to act close.”


It wasn’t just Professor Bai, even the others standing in the corner had a shocked expression.

The freshman is incredible, even the handsome teaching assistant who can surpass their Four is her brother? What’s with this plot twist?

To have an uncle like him, Four, your love life wasn’t going to be easy!

It had to be said, these people were thinking too much.

Undeniably, Lin Yang was relieved when he heard these words.

Only Xue Yaoyao hadn’t expected him to say that. After all, he never acknowledged her as a sister. And had never acknowledged her mother’s marriage into the Jiang family.

The situation now had never happened before.

Xue Yaoyao didn’t know what to say. The excuse she had previously claiming that they are just ordinary friends wouldn’t be suitable in this circumstance.

Professor Bai was suddenly enlightened. “So this is…” He paused. After all, his next words would be interfering into someone else’s family. He smiled and continued. “It’s really promising, the students in this project are all elites. Come, tell me, which part are you responsible for?”

Xue Yaoyao was grateful to Professor Bai for setting the topic on track. “I’m the project’s game tester, mainly testing the operations, experience and entertainment value of the game. From there, I would locate operational bugs and test the difficulty levels of the game.”

Professor Bai listened with interest. He usually did a lot of technical control and was relatively inadequate in terms of application. And generally, professors focused more on academics.

Now, it was interesting to see the models, the initial behind the scenes and the web beta of the game. The few of them agreed that their labor was fruitful.

When Professor Bai inspected, one of them kicked the garbage bag inside, but that wasn’t the main point.

The main point was that when Professor Bai left, the commotion causing teaching assistant didn’t leave. He smiled, took off his coat, and looked towards them.

Unknowingly, even though they were the same age, he seemed to have an invincible aura. “Do you have time? You probably don’t have to clean up again.”

“Hahaha.” The exposed few laughed. “Yes, are you going to give us advice?”

Jiang Zuo was a businessman and could see through their thoughts. “How can it be advice? But as Yaoyao’s brother, I wanted to treat the team to a meal. I’m here a few days late and would like to thank all of you for the care you have given her during this period.”

A treat and Junior Yaoyao’s brother who was a teaching assistant. They would definitely go.

“Hahaha, that’s generous?” They had to be reasonably humble.

Jiang Zuo tugged his collar, his aura obviously different. “It’s not generous, you could bring me somewhere nearby for food. I haven’t eaten anything ever since I came and I’m starving.”