Chapter 1688 - Untitled

Chapter 1688: Untitled

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Starving? Didn’t he just have a meal in the canteen?

Xue Yaoyao’s eyes dimmed but she didn’t say anything. She had a vague idea what this meant. But she didn’t understand why he was suddenly doing this for her.

After the others heard that he was Yaoyao’s brother, they weren’t the same as before and were extremely enthusiastic.

“Then we won’t decline and will accept the teaching assistant’s treat.”

Jiang Zuo laughed. “Think about what you want to eat.”

“There’s no need to think, we’ll have the usual… skewers! We got closer to Junior Yaoyao while eating skewers!”

After being called out, Xue Yaoyao couldn’t object and could only reply with “Mmh.”

Jiang Zuo held his jacket and glanced at Xue Yaoyao with a smile. “Yaoyao, invite your roommates so that I can get to know them.”

Just as she was about to say something, the Senior beside her said. “Yes yes, get Li Tao and the others. It’s been too busy the past few days and we will be able to play games together.”

Xue Yaoyao glanced back.

Jiang Zuo smiled prettily.

She didn’t have a choice, after all, he was her brother.

When the other three roommates received the call, they immediately agreed. Afterall, the two dorms had a close relationship. But the most important thing was the sentence that the Senior said. “Yaoyao’s brother wants to treat us to a meal.”

Of course they had to go. But it was really fate for siblings to be in the same university. Moreover, the sister was here first which was something they couldn’t understand.

After entering the skewer shop, they saw both the School Hunk and a pretty boy with a teary feeling. They were truly amazed.

The man has a pair of very long and narrow eyes, like peach blossoms. When he looked at them, he smiled. “You must be Yaoyao’s roommates. I am her brother and the new teaching assistant.”

The new… teaching assistant.

Li Tao felt as though she couldn’t breathe. If she took a picture and sent it to the school intranet now, there would be many people coming to watch.

As expected, the school site wasn’t lying, their beloved teaching assistant was really handsome!

Li Tao tugged Xue Yaoyao’s sleeves and leaned over, whispering. “Yaoyao, you really are amazing, I wanted you to secretly take a photo of the Almighty’s photo but you actually allowed me to see him in person and he is treating me to a meal! More importantly, he is actually your brother!”

Xue Yaoyao calmed herself. “It’s a long story but it isn’t what you think.”

“You actually have a brother like him, that explains why you consider yourself average.” Li Tao explained. “You are actually very pretty but your brother is too handsome, it doesn’t feel like you are siblings.”

“Mmh.” Xue Yaoyao replied without much explanation.

The Seniors had already taken their skewers. “Come, sit, sit.”

Xue Yaoyao had wanted to sit on the right like before. However, Li Tao was very understanding. “Siblings should sit together.”

Xue Yaoyao looked at the Jiang Zuo, he was sitting there with his collar unbuttoned and collarbone exposed. She sincerely felt that with the brother excuse, there were indeed many things she could not say.

Even though they were in a small shop, he still carried the aristocratic Jiang family air around him. Xue Yaoyao couldn’t pinpoint the things that had changed.

“Yaoyao, hurry and sit, I’ll get the condiments.”

Xue Yaoyao was caught off guard and when she sat, her shoulders touched his.