Chapter 1689 - Untitled

Chapter 1689: Untitled

When she felt his body heat, Xue Yaoyao glanced down.

Jiang Zuo happened to look over, and his eyes were dark and shallow, which easily reminded her of his appearance when he was not in front of others.

It wasn’t easy to get rid of one’s brand.

Xue Yaoyao glanced down and thought about how to talk to him later.

The person on the other side was eating while he asked. “Teaching assistant, is your family name also Xue?”

Xue Yaoyao paused. Someone had finally noticed this problem.

“It isn’t.” Li Tao recalled the information she had found. “I heard that it is Jiang.”

“Jiang, then Yaoyao…” The Seniors were confused, they didn’t say that they are cousins.

Jiang Zuo laughed. “I followed my dad and Yaoyao followed her mom.”

The sentence wasn’t wrong, Yaoyao started to follow her mom’s surname when she was a few years old, but that wasn’t an explanation.

Xue Yaoyao glanced up.

Just then, Li Tao laughed. “Yaoyao, your family is very modern. In the future, when I have children, I’ll let one follow me and another follow my husband.”

Xue Yaoyao looked at the people around the table, but didn’t tell them that they are a reconstituted family.

It wasn’t because she was shy but because the atmosphere wasn’t suitable.

Jiang Zuo sat beside her.

After taking the skewers, he removed it one by one and placed the tender beef in her bowl.

Initially, everyone was eating, but when they saw his actions, the people from the opposite side of the table paused again.

Li Tao exclaimed. “As expected, other people’s brothers are much better. My brother would never help me take food and would always snatch my braised meat at home. Yaoyao, your brother is so good to you.”

This way, Xue Yaoyao couldn’t put the meat back. Moreover, she liked eating beef.

In the past when they ate this kind of food together, Highness Jiu would help her snatch skewers.

“You miss them?” Jiang Zuo glanced over, his voice faint. “You can visit them overseas.”

After being here for such a long time, she had suppressed all her longing. But now, it seemed as though someone understood her.

Even though his next sentence was the same as before. “But I advise you not to show up in front of that person so often. You know how jealous a certain someone can be.”

“Mmh.” Xue Yaoyao replied. She placed a piece of meat in her mouth, it was delicious.

It was probably because there’s still someone she could talk to about them.

Originally, she wanted to have a good talk with him after the meal. But the other party seemed out of character, and did not give her the opportunity to chat with him alone.

Instead, after sending the group back to the dormitory, he smiled at her roommates. “Take care of Yaoyao.”

Li Tao was already a loyal fan of the teaching assistant, and had decisively tossed the School Hunk aside.

As expected, she liked this sort which looks like a bad boy on the outside but is actually super controlling towards his sister.

Jiang Zuo knew very well that Yaoyao wanted to talk to him, but he didn’t want to in order to give himself a chance. Staying by her side included eliminating all those that had feelings for her.

He would never be kind in his life. And not everyone could accept his chasing methods, but he wouldn’t force her like before.

If she didn’t like it when he appeared, he wouldn’t appear.

He would give her things she liked.

In the days to come, that was what Jiang Zuo did.

When Xue Yaoyao pushed open the room door, Li Tao said. “Yaoyao hurry over, your brother ordered fruits for the room again and delivered it over personally. The entire female dorm is envious of us. But he seems to know that you don’t want to see him and didn’t stay long. Yaoyao, do you think that your brother is too popular and would affect you?”