Chapter 169 - Almighty Is Going to Bed

Chapter 169: Almighty Is Going to Bed

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Hearing those words, Fu Jiu extended both of her arms. Her school uniform was loose, and as she lifted her eyebrows beautifully, she looked deceptively innocent. “Brother Mo, you know how spontaneous I am, so how can I be the one who’s on the bottom?!”

“You look completely like the one who’s on the bottom.” Qin Mo carelessly threw those books aside. He sounded regal and distinguished as he added, “Just like the pretty ones who are always on the bottom.”

Fu Jiu: “…”

She didn’t know if she should take that as a compliment!

The Almighty’s skill with his venomous tongue seriously gave people inner wounds.

“You’re always reading such books. It’s no wonder you’re ranked dead last in the class.” Qin Mo stood straight and tall like a piece of a jade statue. His left hand was in his pocket, and his eyes were mocking this academic trash. “Since you like this kind of book so much, then read the first three pages of each one of these tonight!”

First three pages… of ten of them…

Thirty pages in total!

The corner of Fu Jiu’s mouth twitched as she laughed before composedly challenging his words, “That will take too much time from this god’s teaching, so I’d better not. I do like them a lot, but I can read them in my own private time.”

“Aw, aren’t you a thoughtful one,”Qin Mo curled up his lips and said with a half smile, “But who said I would use my teaching time for you to do that? Those are bedtime stories for me. Just as you said, life is already so tough as it is, so reading should be relaxing. I don’t need to use my brain on these books, so it’s perfect. After tutoring you in physics, read them to me.”

Fu Jiu: “…”

Why did he always get back at me using my own words!

Big God is too shameless to do things like this!

Not to mention, I was referring to others’ difficulties in their lives! Not mine!

The Almighty drank VOSS mineral water, so how could he have the slightest idea how harsh life was? That water was 100 yuan per bottle–it was already worth a whole box of Coke!

But Fu Jiu knew how to focus on the important points, and her eyes stilled. “Before bed?”

Qin Mo was waiting for her to ask. He looked straight into her eyes and walked slowly towards her.

Fu Jiu could see the light in Qin Mo’s eyes. It wasn’t friendly.

Fu Jiu’s room wasn’t as big as Qin Mo’s. The space from the book shelf to where she was standing wasn’t big. One simple movement from Qin Mo could make people feel distinctly pressured from his naturally domineering aura.

“Little Brother Jiu loves taking people back to sleep in your own house. Surely you would accept my request to sleep over.”

He was looking at her coldly, giving the impression that if she were to say “No,” he would throw her straight out of the window, even from her own house.

Fu Jiu felt that, rather than her, this god was more like the owner of this place. Under that overpowering presence of his, even Chen Xiaodong behaved more.

But… Are we really sleeping together again?

We just did this yesterday…

Even though it was different from yesterday’s situation, this was the Fu residence, her own place. It was slightly better, but it was much too cruel for her when she thought about waking up in the morning.

The Almighty didn’t give her the chance to refuse. He pulled out a wooden chair from the table using his right hand and sat down in it lazily with his legs crossed, looking extremely regal.

That knife-like stern face tilted towards the other wooden chair next to him. The gesture clearly meant, Sit the f*ck down right now.

The Almighty was ordering her silently; he didn’t even need to voice it… Fu Jiu was mumbling complaints inside, but for the sake of getting his secret guesses of the test questions, she obeyed.

It was tiring to stand anyways. After she had sat down, she could think of a good excuse to not let this big god sleep over at her place…

Qin Mo glanced at the young man, and he sounded sullen, “Last time, I guessed the big question. This time, I will guess twenty multiple choice questions.”

Hearing this, Fu Jiu instantly changed her mind!

Compared to getting the physics test questions, what was the big deal with agreeing to let this god sleep over! Hell yeah!