Chapter 1690 - Untitled

Chapter 1690: Untitled

Xue Yaoyao didn’t say anything, but looked at the fruits.

It was her favourite.

She thought that he wouldn’t remember the things that she said. Afterall, when she said that to him, she was still very fat. Back then, no one would pay attention to the things she said, did or liked.

“Yaoyao?” Li Tao tilted her eyes over.

Xue Yaoyao came back to her senses, “Mmh.”

Li Tao sighed. “It must be stressful to have such an outstanding brother. Previously, there were people who asked me how to get close to you so that they can get the teaching assistant’s contact details.”

When she heard that, Xue Yaoyao laughed. “In the past, many people asked me for it as well.” But they wouldn’t be nice about it.

Li Tao continued. “But the teaching assistant seems to be afraid of causing you trouble. Previously, I saw him tell a girl not to disturb you and she almost cried.”

Xue Yaoyao’s gaze fell. She had been trying to avoid this topic, but saw the figure standing under the tree by her dormitory. He was slender and lazy, the irresistible playboy temperament that couldn’t be changed. But this time, he was standing there alone. Looking upwards, seemingly in the direction of her dorm room.

He reached out to push a leaf that had fallen on his raven hair. He didn’t leave, leaning against the tree.

Xue Yaoyao lowered her gaze and shut the curtains. She didn’t know if it rained that day, but it made him see her stand.

Jiang Zuo didn’t appear on the second day.

The fruits arrived along with four sets of desserts so the room mates ate happily.

“He must be crazy over his sister.”

“Definitely. In the future if Yaoyao dates, will the teaching assistant beat up the guys?”

“With an outstanding brother like the teaching assistant, those that want to chase Yaoyao would have to think twice on whether they are qualified.”

Li Tao chuckled and bumped Yaoyao’s shoulders. “Look, there is a person who has considered it through and thinks he is suitable, Yaoyao, our School Hunk invited you in the game again.”

“Game testing.” Xue Yaoyao said and went online.

She tried to find bugs and signs of lag. It took about an hour.

After Li Tao and the others did their laundry, they bought food back. As soon as they walked in, they tugged at her sleeves. “Yaoyao, did you know? The teaching assistant has a fever?”

Xue Yaoyao’s hands stilled on the phone. “Fever?”

“Mmh, I heard that it’s very serious. He seemed to have been caught in the rain yesterday.” Li Tao whispered. “He is in the infirmary now. The students said that he might be afraid you would be worried so he didn’t want you knowing about the fever.”

When Xue Yaoyao heard this, her eyes dimmed.

Li Tao’s voice seemed further and further. “That explains why he didn’t come today…”

Xue Yaoyao stood up, she stopped whatever she was doing and said. “I’ll visit him in the infirmary.”

“Mmh mmh, go on.”

After all, it would be strange if she didn’t visit her brother.

Xue Yaoyao didn’t explain their relationship.

The School Hunk asked her out for a meal, but she replied. “The teaching assistant is sick, I’m going to visit him.”

Teaching assistant?

The way she addressed him made Lin Yang’s fingers stilled. He chuckled. “I seem to have never heard you call him brother.”

“We aren’t related by blood.” Xue Yaoyao thought for awhile and decided to tell him the truth. “We come from a reconstituted family.”