Chapter 1691 - Visiting Jiang Zuo

Chapter 1691: Visiting Jiang Zuo

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Lin Yang’s eyes stilled when he heard her words. The feeling he felt when he first met him resurfaced. That person was like him, he liked Yaoyao.

Regardless of how he tried to conceal it, his gaze couldn’t be controlled. From the moment he appeared, Yaoyao seemed to be the only one in his eyes.

Originally, he had been relieved when he heard that he was her brother, but now, it didn’t seem like it.

Does Yaoyao know? That the brother that isn’t related by blood likes her.

Somehow, Lin Yang had a feeling she knew. Otherwise, with her personality, it wasn’t possible for her to be so distant from her brother.

Lin Yang always felt that it was better to get closer gradually, but now, he didn’t think so.

Lin Yang lowered his gaze, his face handsome and temperament seemingly dated. “Yaoyao, let’s meet.”

Xue Yaoyao frowned. “Now?”

Lin Yang replied, “Now.”

Xue Yaoyao thought for a moment and asked. “Senior, do you need me for work?”

Lin Yang chuckled lightly. “No, I want to treat you to a meal.”

Xue Yaoyao sent a voice message over. “I’m sorry Senior, I have to do something. If it isn’t about work, I won’t go over.”

Lin Yang didn’t dispel the suggestion. “Then let’s meet tomorrow after class. I will wait for you in the library.”

“Mmh.” Xue Yaoyao was distracted and didn’t think much about it when she agreed. After all, previously they would often meet in private regarding data feedback. Right now, she was thinking about how a student can enter the teaching assistant dormitory.

Xue Yaoyao had gone to the infirmary and had received a confirmation.

The doctor said that his high fever was caused by the rain and that he needed to rest.

Xue Yaoyao thanked him and went to his dormitory, it was the second floor of the old campus building.

C University was a big school and there were plenty of teaching assistants.

Xue Yaoyao carried some medication and fruits. If it didn’t work, she would probably use her identity as a family member to ask someone to send it up.

Fortunately for her identity.

“Isn’t this teaching assistant Jiang’s sister? Are you here to visit your brother?”

Someone walked downstairs and smiled after seeing Xue Yaoyao.

“Mmh” Xue Yaoyao replied. “Do you know where my brother stays?”

“The first room on the left. I live with him.” That person laughed lightly. “I was just about to get medicine for him but since you are here, I can save myself the trouble. I have a class document to finish in a while, and will be headed to the library.”

Xue Yaoyao moved aside to let him pass. “Sorry for the trouble.”

“We’re all interning together, there is no trouble at all but your brother is an exception.” That person waved and left.

Xue Yaoyao carried the things upstairs.

Because it is in the old campus, the walls were a little mottled, the stairs had a dated design, and there was noise when she stepped on it.

There were four rooms along the long corridor. Xue Yaoyao walked to the room on the extreme left and knocked on the door.

No one answered.

Xue Yaoyao frowned. According to that teaching assistant, there should be someone inside.

Is it very serious? With that in mind, Xue Yaoyao knocked a few more times.

Just then, she heard footsteps.

When the door opened, the pale, handsome face was unlike his usual appearance, the cold noble air dampened slightly due to his sickness. His voice was more hoarse than usual. “You forget the keys again?”