Chapter 1693 - To Accept Even If It Is Unbearable

Chapter 1693: To Accept Even If It Is Unbearable

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The fever was affecting his thinking. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have said something like that. And he wouldn’t have released Xue Yaoyao’s hand. But he really didn’t think it was Xue Yaoyao. Hence, after he said that, he shut his eyes, his handsome, pale face an unnatural shade of red.

It was obvious he was burning up. He was probably very uncomfortable, his brows were furrowed and even his breaths were hot.

Xue Yaoyao sat beside him, and her heart suddenly seemed to hurt. Ever since she entered, she realised what sort of environment he was living in.

In the past, he never would have stayed in a room like this. It was simple and there were even spider webs outside because it was the old campus.

The room was clean but it was drastically different when compared to the place he had always been staying in.

Xue Yaoyao had thought about who he came for. Xue Yaoyao wanted to tell him that it was too late. But the word “Fat Yaoyao” made her stop.

Unknowingly, her heart felt warm.

Others didn’t understand. Many people started to like her, because of who she is now.

She learnt to be confident, how to dress up and had lost 20kg. She could solve problems and no was no longer a yes man. She made herself better.

If she worked hard enough, she would probably be respected accordingly. But aside from Highness Jiu, he was the only one. Be it hatred or love, it was given to her past self.

That unbelievable inferiority. She couldn’t handle anything. She was fat, ugly and worthless.

He would laugh and say. “”Nothing is worthless, you’re reassuring, but really heavy, Fat Yaoyao.”

Loving him was probably the initial courage he had given her. Hence, she wanted to break apart when she was hurt. But who said that he had to like her back then?

Xue Yaoyao glanced over. This person made her feel so much and the complexity was like the time when she was young.

He saw her at her worst. And shattered the dream she had as a young girl.

But after experiencing so much, Xue Yaoyao understood something. A young girl could only dream. Regardless of whether she was unbearable or beautiful, not everyone could accept it.

So many people talked about love. Xue Yaoyao saw the most cruel truth from the word.

When Almighty Qin’s injury was found out, those people that said they loved him wanted him to withdraw when his performance wasn’t on par.

Loving was simple, a gaze, a face or even a sentence could cause people to fantasize. But when the fantasies are shattered, people suspect Senior Lin of cheating in marriage. Just because he is gay, some things couldn’t be explained.

Love is often the easiest to accept when it opposes fantasy.

No matter, she couldn’t deny that other than the people in the Supreme Alliance, he was the only one who didn’t expect her to progress.

He had even said. “It’s nice to pinch when there is meat on your face.”

Fat Yaoyao?

Xue Yaoyao placed her hand on his forehead, the trees outside reflected in her pupils.

Jiang Zuo didn’t know what had happened. His fever went up to 40 degrees and he felt faint. If someone hadn’t continuously helped to cool his body temperature, he might have died.

When he woke up, it was dark outside and someone had switched on the lights in the room.