Chapter 1694 - Untitled

Chapter 1694: Untitled

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Jiang Zuo sat up, the white towel on his forehead falling to one side, which caused a change to his eyes.

Amidst the deep and shallowness, the man from beside him brought a bowl of noodles over. “Hey, you’re finally awake. Hurry and have some noodles, I bought it from the restaurant, and this time, it isn’t made of waste oil.”

The person speaking was his roommate who was also a teaching assistant. And it was this voice that made him realise he should wake up.

He probably really had a bad fever to have thought that Yaoyao came.

He was probably dreaming.

Jiang Zuo didn’t move, he continued to lie there, raising his hands to his forehead. “I’m not hungry.”

“You’re not hungry again?” That man shook his head. “Young Master Jiang, you have to eat something. You might not have an appetite after the fever but look at you, I told you to eat something just now but you didn’t want to have any causing the fever to worsen, if your sister hadn’t…”

“My sister? What sister?” Jiang Zuo interrupted him before he could finish his sentence.

That person was confused. “Your sister, Junior Yaoyao.”

Jiang Zuo sat up abruptly, his voice slightly rough. “Yaoyao came?”

“Mmh.” That person nodded, he blew his noodles and ate as he spoke. “She just left and left medicine for you. She said to tell you to eat when you woke up, and after your meal… f*ck! Wait a minute! Young Master Jiang, where are you going?!”

Jiang Zuo didn’t turn back, he grabbed his jacket and left.

That person was dumbfounded. “Young Master, do you know that your fever just went down?”

At this moment, Jiang Zuo didn’t care about that.

Since she came did that mean that he still had a chance?

That was Jiang Zuo’s only concern.

The female dormitory was exceptionally crowded today, because there was a person below the tree.

The corner of the man’s mouth was still smiling. He seemed to have just finished playing basketball and hadn’t taken off his wristband. He was carrying a bunch of flowers, and was talking to Xue Yaoyao.

He wasn’t anyone else, other than the School Hunk that they wanted.

“Since you don’t have time, I could only come over.” He smiled. “I initially wanted to take it slow but now, it seems like I won’t have the chance if I don’t confess. You should have felt it.”

Xue Yaoyao stood there in silence.

“You said you have a boyfriend, but I have been following the team for a long time and have never heard news of your boyfriend. After the teaching assistant came, I am more certain that you don’t have a boyfriend. I hope that whatever I say next won’t pressure you, but if you are unable to get along with me after hearing these words, you can pretend that I’ve never said it before. Yaoyao, I like you.”

When he finished his sentence, almost everyone around them heard. Moreover, this was the female dormitory. News travelled extremely quickly.

Some of the girls covered their mouths and some whistled.

The School Hunk confessed. It wouldn’t have been possible in the past and he would never have waited for anyone downstairs. But now, it had happened, and seemed like an image from a drama.

The girl he confessed to was so lucky.

Someone held her face and started to shout. “Say yes, say yes!”

Everything was lively and beautiful.

The pale Jiang Zuo held his jacket and when he arrived, this was the scene he saw.