Chapter 1695 - Together

Chapter 1695: Together

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Was there no hope anymore?

He bit down on his lips. His legs felt like lead. It was heavy.

Between the both of them he saw youth and a future.

If he thought about it, what was there between the both of them? Hurt, past and absurdness that he wasn’t willing to think about.

Jiang Zuo never understood his problem. He really wanted to ask her, was it his fault for not knowing how to love someone?

Reality had proven it. It was his fault for not knowing how to love someone, because he never cherished or trusted others. But he had treated just one person good before.

Jiang Zuo lowered his gaze. He was a businessman. Even though they were about the same age they thought differently.

As compared to their beauty, he seemed to only have interests. No matter what he did, he would first think about the profit and loss.

How did he develop that?

Ever since his mother died, he had been guarding the Jiang family. Those women that wanted to marry his father; how could he handle them if he wasn’t someone who thought about profit and loss,

He wouldn’t allow anyone to touch the Jiang family’s belongings. It wasn’t because he liked being the young master of the Jiang family. These things originally belonged to his mother. Hence, in the future, it could only be his.

Jiang Zuo glanced down and laughed. This time, he didn’t do things his way. He wasn’t willing to force her. And perhaps, ever since a long time ago, he was already alone.

He was always living in the past.

When he was ten years old, at Christmas, Qin Mo stood at the door of their house. He who never touched anything would decorate the Christmas tree like a little literary artist.

It was a foreign festival and had nothing to do with them. Moreover, the Qins should value Chinese festivals more.

It was a small habit and it would occur every year since he knew Qin Mo. Back then, he had asked him. “Why are you always doing this?”

Qin Mo said. “Someone likes it.”

He didn’t have to look to know. “Someone, but that person isn’t here at all.”

Qin Mo glanced up with an unwavering glance. “She isn’t here now but if I wait here, she will be back one day.”

Back then, rather than admiration, he was more envious that Qin Mo had someone he could wait for.

Standing at his original spot so that the person can see him when she turns back.

Many people said that it wasn’t easy to stay in the same spot, but no one could be sure they wouldn’t change.

Yet, Qin Mo had never changed after all those years. Even after his incident, some things couldn’t be changed. But does that someone know?

Some people who left would never come back.

They wouldn’t ever look back to see what they had left behind. Because everyone is becoming stronger.

To create a new life. But that person that Qin Mo had been waiting for. She turned back. She had even run all the way back, in order to come back to find Qin Mo.

After knowing that Z was the person Qin Mo had waited for for so many years, Jiang Zuo was envious.

He hadn’t changed either, but he didn’t know how to cherish. Hence, there wouldn’t be anyone who would turn back for him.

Jiang Zuo turned and walked in the opposite direction of the student dormitory so he didn’t hear Xue Yaoyao’s rejection.

The sounds seemed to disappear.

Xue Yaoyao started to panic, when she saw him, she quickened her pace and blocked his path. “How long are you going to walk before stopping?”