Chapter 1696 - Misunderstanding Resolved

Chapter 1696: Misunderstanding Resolved

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Jiang Zuo suddenly stopped. It was as if he couldn’t believe his ears. His lowered gaze lifted.

Before Xue Yaoyao could say anything, he pulled her into his arms.

This is the female dormitory and the School Hunk had just confessed. So the crowd hadn’t dispersed.

When they saw this scene, they covered their mouths in shock.

“What’s with this situation?” Li Tao was confused as well.

Xue Yaoyao was probably the only one that was sober. She noticed that his body temperature was abnormally high, and pushed him.

Jiang Zuo smiled, as if he didn’t care. He wanted to hug her even though he knew that he would be pushed away, probably because he needed a little strength to walk out. But before he could move.

Someone pulled his arm. “What happened to you? You came out before your fever went down?”

When Jiang Zuo heard this, a layer of light seemed to cover his peach blossom eyes, it was beautiful. “Are you concerned about me?”

“You are my brother, even if we aren’t blood related.” Xue Yaoyao glanced up.

Jiang Zuo leaned against the tree, looking suave. “I don’t want to be your brother, say, why did Auntie Xue have to marry my dad. I couldn’t even chase you even if I wanted to.”

Xue Yaoyao paused. “This joke isn’t funny.”

“How is it a joke?” Jiang Zuo lowered his gaze. “I love you, don’t you know that?”

Xue Yaoyao looked at him. “Back then, you never wanted to chase me. I was so fat, wasn’t I? And you told others that we weren’t close.”

“Because I knew that Auntie Xue was about to become my step mother.” Jiang Zuo’s lips were pale. “Back then, I was a bas*ard, but it wasn’t a joke when I said I wanted to chase you. Who else would have given you flowers?”

Xue Yaoyao stilled. “You gave me the baby’s breath?”

“Mmh.” Jiang Zuo laughed lightly. “Didn’t you say no one celebrated your birthday?”

Xue Yaoyao clenched her fingers slightly. “Why haven’t you said it before?”

“Because it felt like you betrayed me.” Jiang Zuo lowered his voice. “The secrets that the two of us said, you know that I hate those people who tried to get close to my dad, but you didn’t tell me that the person Auntie Xue was with is my father.”

Xue Yaoyao opened her mouth, he was right. Back then, she was afraid he would hate her hence she didn’t tell him about it immediately.

“I only knew about it one day before you did.”

Xue Yaoyao was telling the truth, even though she had been a coward back then, she had wanted to tell him the next day. But when she woke up that day, her brother had a stomach ache and she had to send him to the hospital.

When she saw Jiang Zuo again, someone had found her diary and pasted it on the school newspaper.

The entire school knew that she liked the high and mighty senior.

Some said that he was out of her league, and that she was fat and ugly and shouldn’t act like a demoness.

Those thoughts were meant for herself, because she knew about the gap between the both of them. She didn’t think about acting on it. At that time, Xue Yaoyao only wanted to regard this person as the direction of her efforts.

When the diary was exposed, she really wanted to escape. And he wasn’t even willing to look at her.

She thought he hated being liked by someone like her which led to such a behaviour. It was as if her nightmares had come true.

Isn’t it true? Or was it because of something else?

Xue Yaoyao’s voice was a little hoarse. “Did you know about it the day I returned to school? Is that why you didn’t want to speak to me?”