Chapter 1697 - Try Again

Chapter 1697: Try Again

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“Mmh.” Jiang Zuo replied. “I didn’t understand until a long time later that you couldn’t control Auntie Xue’s marriage into the Jiang family, because even I couldn’t control it. ”

“It’s all in the past.” Xue Yaoyao turned her eyes away, as if taking a deep breath. “Let’s go to the infirmary first.”

Jiang Zuo lowered his eyes and didn’t move. “It’s not in the past yet, because I still like you.”

Xue Yaoyao’s fingers stilled.

Jiang Zuo looked at her, stretched out his hand, his voice a little low. “We signed a contract before and I want to have it renewed. This time, you will set the rules and I will do anything. If you thought that I was j*rk before, you can take it out on me more but you have to be mine. Are you willing to renew the contract with me?”

Xue Yaoyao didn’t say anything.

Jiang Zuo stood there, and it felt as though the hand in mid air was extraordinarily heavy.

One second. Two second. Almost ten seconds had passed.

Jiang Zuo probably knew her answer but he wasn’t willing to accept it. His heart felt as though it had been splashed in icy cold water. It was so hollow and chilling.

Just as he was about to sink in despair.

Many images flashed past Xue Yaoyao’s eyes. In the end, it stopped at the scene where he called her “Fat Yaoyao”.

Hence, just when Jiang Zuo was about to lower his hand, Xue Yaoyao suddenly held onto it, seemingly in impulse. “If we renew the contract, and if I become fat again…”

“It’s better if you’re fat again, then no one would take you away from me.” Jiang Zuo interrupted her.

Xue Yaoyao’s eyes were bright and black. “You know that I am a little inferior, and that my thoughts run wild easily.”

“Then you should know I seem like a Casanova, and would attract women easily. You have to be on guard against them.” Jiang Zuo lowered his gaze. “You can guard against them, but don’t guard against me.”

When she heard that, Xue Yaoyao couldn’t help laughing. “Because of your looks?”

Very early one, he had once complained about it on the balcony.

“Now, it’s because of money.” Young Master Jiang has always been straightforward.

Xue Yaoyao glanced down. “I can’t assure you that I would be like before but let’s try again.”

“You want a refund if it isn’t good?” Jiang Zuo felt a bitterness in his heart but there was more hopefulness. “I wouldn’t let you have the chance.”

Xue Yaoyao laughed lightly. “Perhaps some other girl will give me the chance. For instance, they might get close to you and you might not be able to control it. That isn’t impossible.”

Jiang Zuo pulled her into his arms and lowered himself slightly, whispering into her ears. “We had been together for so long before, and there were times when you slept in my office. Have you ever seen a female secretary?”

With that, Xue Yaoyao’s neck flushed.

“No.” Jiang Zuo hugged her lightly, a sigh in his voice. “It has always only been you, and I always only have you.”

Xue Yaoyao knew that she could never seem to get rid of him.

Fortunately, it wasn’t the same as before. Now, she wouldn’t lose her senses when she heard those words. Her heart would still race and it would be sweet.

So this was how a love that was just right felt like. In the past, she wouldn’t be relieved immediately. She didn’t even know how far they could go.

Trying was to give herself a chance. If there still wasn’t a way, she would really be able to let go.

The intelligent Jiang Zuo knew what she thought hence, there was both sweetness and unease.