Chapter 1699 - Untitled

Chapter 1699: Untitled

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“We don’t have the same family name, do you know that?” Jiang Zuo said carelessly.

The person replied. “I know, one of you followed the father’s last name and the other followed the mother’s last name, we all think it’s quite fashionable.”

“Fashionable?” Jiang Zuo laughed deeply. “We don’t have the same family name because we aren’t related by blood.”

The person paused. “You aren’t related by blood?”

“Yes, we belong to a reconstituted family.” Jiang Zuo’s peach blossom eyes lit up. ‘We have known each other for three years and Auntie Xue married my father a year ago. Yaoyao has a biological brother who also calls me brother.”

The person on the other end almost dropped the phone. “O-oh.”

Jiang Zuo laughed lightly. “But I do know everything about her, you can ask whatever you want to know.”

The person was in shock after hearing such a huge secret, but he had to ask what was necessary.

“Junior Yaoyao says that she likes someone and rejected our Four because of him. Brother Jiang, who is he? Do you know?”

Jiang Zuo’s eyes darkened, he didn’t try to shy away from the question. “I know, it’s me.”

The other end: …

It fell silent. The person stuttered. “It-it’s you?” He wanted to hang up, what should he do!

Jiang Zuo continued. “We had a misunderstanding previously because her mother married my father. I always thought that they approached my family for money and there’s one more thing, I don’t want to be her brother. Before I came, all these were settled, I have been legally disowned by my father so we can be together and it would be legitimate without any consideration. However, it’s different for a girl, so I hope that you guys wouldn’t spread this unless she does. There are many people in the school who don’t understand the situation and when the time comes, they would say that we shouldn’t be together since we are in a constituted family.”

The other end was at a loss, the news was too impactful.

Jiang Zuo laughed deeply. ‘If it’s because of your Four, there isn’t a need. With his intelligence, he probably already knows about this so I hope that you guys will keep this a secret.”

That person opened his mouth. “Then the both of you…”

“We already got back together.” Jiang Zuo replied faintly. “Didn’t I say it from the start? I came here because of her.”

That person coughed. “Brother Jiang, I’m not a girl so you can stop spreading your charm. How long would the two of you be in this state? Junior Yaoyao is very well liked, wouldn’t you feel insecure if you don’t make it public? Moreover, there are more people interested in you, it could easily cause misunderstandings to arise, leading to a breakup.”

This problem was the painful reality.

Jiang Zuo clenched his fingers, his gaze light. “We will wait till her life here stabilizes, the others can be discussed another time.”

With that, the person shook his head. “Brother Jiang, now I find you rather pitiful. You can’t make it public even though you have a girlfriend which is worse than us singles who don’t have a girlfriend. If you are going to flaunt your affections with Junior Yaoyao while advising us, Four isn’t going to want to continue his research anymore. Brother Jiang, honestly, are you worried about people confessing to Junior Yaoyao?”

Jiang Zuo paused. “Mmh.”

That person hadn’t expected such a candid reply.

Next, he smiled lightly. “That isn’t my only worry.”

He was even more afraid that they wouldn’t be compatible after trying, and that he would never get a chance again.