Chapter 17 - Fu Jiu, You Better Not Regret

Chapter 17: Fu Jiu, You Better Not Regret

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Was he ending his father-daughter relationship with her?

Fu Jiu’s eyes were cold, and she only threw one word at Fu Zhongyi: “Whatever.”

“Fine!” Fu Zhongyi was breathing heavily, and he turned his head towards the guidance director. “Teacher, you heard him; I no longer need to clean up his mess. Whether the school wants to expel him or persuade him to quit, none of it is my concern anymore!”

Chen Xiaodong heard this when he arrived. He looked waveringly at Fu Jiu.

Fu Jiu acted normally and replied in a low voice, “I do hope you won’t regret what you said today.”

“The thing I regret the most is having a disgraceful thing like you and marrying that mother of yours!” Fu Zhongyi left after slamming those words down. He was so angry that his neck turned red.

The guidance director saw the situation and nudged his glasses up a little. He couldn’t even bear to have another word with Fu Jiu. “Go collect your things. Your qualifications would only fit a technical college anyway. The school will recommend you out of goodwill. Go, go!”

After that, he even waved his hand as if Fu Jiu was a pile of trash from a dirty ditch.

“Young Master.” Chen Xiaodong went up to her, worried sick.

Fu Jiu didn’t linger for long. She only curled up her lips and smiled as she walked to the classroom with her cold eyes, bringing along the notification of her dismissal.

Everyone in the school leaned on the rails and watched her pick up her textbooks and walk downstairs. There was pity and mockery, while some were taking pleasure in her misfortune.

The happiest among them was Huo Siyu. She laughed out loud with her arms crossed in front of her. “Such fast retribution. Some people simply have a death wish. Look at him, having no school to go to, getting what he deserves!”

“I heard it’s a technical college.” The people behind Huo Siyu started laughing, too. “Perhaps that’s where he belongs, with all the trashy students there. Hahaha.”

Hearing this, Fu Jiu stopped, and her body leaned forward all of a sudden!

After the last incident, Huo Siyu was scared of being beaten up by her, so she took a step back as she trembled.

However, Fu Jiu didn’t mean to hit her at all. Rather, she only said, “You really think nobody knows what you did?”

“Nonsense!” Huo Siyu had been bullying people for so long that she no longer knew what guilt was. She looked at Fu Jiu with vicious eyes!

Fu Jiu smiled shrewdly. “Guess I will have to post it online…”

This was the last thing Fu Jiu said before leaving the school.

Huo Siyu didn’t take that seriously at all. As a nouveau riche bumpkin whom his own father didn’t even want, what could he be capable of!

Today’s Chen Xiaodong was particularly quiet, as if he didn’t want to provoke his young master by saying anything else.

Fu Jiu was surprisingly relaxed, and her fingers were moving over her phone screen. There were a couple of videos of Huo Siyu pushing her saved on it…

“Young Master.” Before she exited the car, Chen Xiaodong had received a call. He turned and said to Fu Jiu, “Madam will rush home overnight for today’s incident. It seems like she hasn’t eaten anything yet, so once you see Madam in a bit, don’t quarrel with her.” Chen Xiaodong was afraid that saying more would make his young master resentful, so he only said one more thing with a low voice, “Madam has also been through a lot…”

“I know.” Fu Jiu put her phone down with insipid-looking eyes.

Chen Xiaodong thought that something was wrong with his ears!

“Young Master, what did you just say?”

Fu Jiu raised an eyebrow. “I said I know that Mum has been through a lot. What’s wrong with that?”

“No, nothing is wrong.” Yeah, right! Is that something even remotely close to what you used to say about Madam? Have you forgotten all about how you fought with Madam?!