Chapter 170 - Bedding the Almighty?

Chapter 170: Bedding the Almighty?

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The sky turned darker and darker outside the window as it got deeper into the night.

The fog was heavy, and even the temperature inside had dropped.

Chen Xiaodong walked in with the hot tea, and he saw Young Master Qin tutoring his young master in physics. His face instantly had shock written all over it.

Young Master is studying!!??

And… Young Master Qin also seemed to be different from what he imagined. He thought that he came over to make dumplings using his young master’s flesh…

But now, it looked like Young Master Qin…was actually pretty nice to his young master?

He wasn’t sure why, but that kissing scene popped up inside of Chen Xiaodong’s head again. He shook his head quickly, telling himself that he must have seen it incorrectly.

Even though he still hadn’t experienced his first kiss yet, he could imagine what a legit kissing scene would be like. Young Master and Young Master Qin were so calm that they didn’t look like they had been kissing…


Qin Mo saw that the young man’s attention was carried away by the hot tea, and he slapped him on the back of his head as the long fingers on his other hand tapped on the paper on the table. His black suit was neat, and with that double-button coat and pretty, blue-blooded profile, he looked like a warlord’s son from the Republic of China era.

Fu Jiu didn’t listen to him this time. She put down the pencil in her hand and slung her arm across his shoulder. She tilted her head and laughed lightly into his ear, “Brother Mo, how’s my little butler? He’s been looking at you all this time!”

“I don’t know about your little butler, but I do know that if you keep this posture any longer, I will hang you outside the window and let you breathe in Jiang City’s smog.” His voice was low, raspy, and calm. It was very cold, and his eyes deepened. “Paws down.”

Chen Xiaodong felt dizzy after seeing all this. What…what was all this? Young Master… Young Master was so close to Young Master Qin… so close… that he could almost kiss him…

After Chen Xiaodong exited the room, he didn’t leave instantly. He lingered at the door and took one last look into the room.

As if she had seen his shocked expression, Fu Jiu followed him out, raised her eyebrows, and said, “Why are you standing here, go get dim sum!”

“Young Master!” Chen Xiaodong grabbed Fu Jiu’s arm and dragged her to the side. Finally, he had a chance to talk to her in private. He said in a rush, “Young Master, tell me, you still haven’t given up on the idea of sleeping with Almighty Qin, right? I was wondering why you suddenly got all studious. Now I know; your purpose is not studying! You asked Young Master Qin to tutor you so that you could have a chance to get closer to him, and when it’s late, you could just ask him to stay over for the night, am I right?!”

At that moment, Fu Jiu didn’t even know what to say, because she had only followed him out to ask him to prepare a guest room for that god…

“Young Master, listen to me once and sleep on the decision!” Chen Xiaodong was extremely worried. “You won’t be able to handle Almighty Qin with your tiny body!”

Fu Jiu curled up her lips after hearing this, and she laughed naughtily, “Who said I can’t handle it? It’s a piece of cake, alright?”

At this time—

“A piece of cake? So I’m so easy to bed in your mind, huh?”

That tempting low voice had a vaguely mocking tone, sounding like it came from an evil demon, as it floated towards her from behind—extremely black-bellied[1]…

[1] black-belly: evil