Chapter 1700 - Untitled

Chapter 1700: Untitled

“She’s just a freshman, wait until others are no longer so curious about her before we talk about these things.”


“Anyone would be curious since our School Hunk confessed to her below the dormitory.”


Why did he seem jealous?

Jiang Zuo’s voice was still weak. “In the future, do well in your development. If your Four has anything, let him find me or her in private. Normal girls probably wouldn’t worry about curiosity but Yaoyao is different, and those that don’t know the situation will talk about her so please keep it a secret.”

“No problem.” After hearing this, that person finally understood that Brother Jiang’s love is much deeper than Four’s. As for Four, they can still drink together.

In this situation, he still had a chance of snatching Junior Yaoyao over. After all, Brother Jiang wouldn’t publicise the relationship.

This situation went on for two weeks.

They tried going out. And it was really trying.

Just like before, Jiang Zuo would send a bunch of things to the dorm room. However, now Xue Yaoyao’s mood had changed. She would smile every time she saw those things and would share it with her roommates.

It seemed like people in love would always pay attention to their dressing before they head out.

Xue Yaoyao was the same but it was all appropriate. Moreover, her lessons started to increase and there were projects to do. Hence, sometimes, she would grab her hair during her testing before sinking into the game.

Jiang Zuo was a counsellor and whenever he saw her like this, he would just leave her a bottle of water. He didn’t express much but yet, he gave off a strange intimacy.

The only time they could be alone was probably the journey from the lab to the dormitory which was less than ten minutes and was always taken with Jiang Zuo.

“I want a brother too.” Li Tao held the tea break snack, certain that being Yaoyao’s roommate was the most blissful thing.

Even though she still couldn’t understand why Yaoyao didn’t accept the School Hunk.

“In the past, I really couldn’t tell that you are a rich second generation but now, judging from the teaching assistant’s behaviour, rich, very rich.”

Xue Yaoyao laughed. “Do I look very poor?”

“You aren’t as high profile as the teaching assistant. Someone on the school site started posting photos of the teaching assistant. They originally wanted to buy the same type of necklace, but after searching for the price, they could only laugh aloud.” Li Tao shook her head. “Oh yes, Yaoyao, it’s Valentine’s Day today. How do you intend to spend it? Shall we ask the Seniors for a gathering?”

Xue Yaoyao ate a bite of the dessert. “I have a date today, you guys go ahead.”

“A date?” Her roommates opened their eyes wide.

Xue Yaoyao laughed lightly. “Yes.”

“Didn’t you reject Senior?”

“Mmh.” Xue Yaoyao replied and turned to look at them. “It has nothing to do with him. Wait a minute, I have a call.”

It was a call from the lab, calling for a last minute testing.

After Xue Yaoyao hung up, she didn’t even have time to eat her cake. She carried the bag and rushed out of the dormitory.

Her roommates had a dazed expression, who exactly did Yaoyao have on a day like today?

Because it was a last minute testing there weren’t many people. Moreover, Xue Yaoyao would forget everything once she started to test the game details. Including the date today.