Chapter 1701 - Untitled

Chapter 1701: Untitled

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Outside C University, Jiang Zuo found a restaurant.

He hadn’t booked the entire place like he did in the past, but it was absolutely quiet.

Ordinary people couldn’t afford a place like this. But because of how it was, as the crowd gradually faded, it became more deserted.

The restaurant was filled with glass covered rooms.

Jiang Zuo could see the decorative lanterns outside from where he was seated.

These were arranged by Jiang Zuo, including the pumpkin carriage in the yard that was wrapped with lights, along with the plush dolls and large roses.

Although they were together before, they had never celebrated a festival for couples. Hence, Jiang Zuo had spent a few days preparing these things.

The waiters in the restaurant have never seen anyone put in this much effort, and thought that he was going to propose.

It was really not common to put so much effort and patience into Valentines Day.

From this angle, it was really beautiful.

A few of the couples thought that the restaurant had specially decorated the place for Valentines day. Almost everyone was taking photos, but after taking the photos, they felt like the lights formed a word -Yao?

It was probably an illusion, afterall, there was a carriage.

Soft music was playing in the background.

The waiter had come a few times.

“Sir, let me fill your cup with lemon water.”

Since he is a big customer, they wouldn’t rush him. Moreover, the kitchen had prepared the ingredients for the dishes that he wanted and was waiting for his orders to start.

Time trickled by slowly.

Jiang Zuo listened as the mechanical voice said “Temporarily unavailable” once again.

He glanced over towards the vintage clock that hung in the middle of the restaurant.

It was already 9pm. They had arranged to meet at 7pm.

The waiter walked over once again. “Sir, do you want us to prepare some bread first?”

“Yes.” Jiang Zuo’s eyes dimmed.

He sat there alone and unknowingly, he was as lonely as it was beautiful.

The second wave of customers that left were puzzled. Why would a handsome man seated in the best spot be alone?


The waiter came over again with a distressed expression. ‘Sir, our chefs get off at 10pm, do you want us to serve you the dishes you had ordered?”

Jiang Zuo glanced at the still phone screen.

The waiter was also waiting. “Why don’t you contact your friend again?”

“You can serve the dishes first.” Jiang Zuo replied emotionlessly.

“Yes, sir.”

When it was about 10pm, the last guests had left.

There were a lot of dishes on Jiang Zuo’s table, all of the ingredients fresh and precious. But he didn’t eat any of it. He had wanted to make another call but when he scrolled through his newsfeed, his fingers stilled.

A Junior from the project had sent a photo. “The second wave of dorm dates. I’m happy and this ill fated pairing is still testing, there is probably something brewing after the testing.”

Jiang Zuo looked at the photo and didn’t know why, even his fingers were cold. Not to mention the feeling in his chest. He didn’t continue waiting. He placed the napkin on the table and stood up to leave.

The waiter looked at the table full of food and thought, rich people are so wasteful.

On the other side.

Xue Yaoyao only realised the time after she was done. She paused as though she had remembered something, and her fingers grabbed her hair. This was bad.