Chapter 1702 - Make It Up To Me

Chapter 1702: Make It Up To Me

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Her first reaction was to check her phone. Unexpectedly, even the phone that wasn’t used for the test had run out of battery.

Fortunately, there were many chargers here.

After Xue Yaoyao charged her phone anxiously, she saw many missed calls and messages on WeChat.

She was extremely guilty.

Lin Yang had already cleaned up, he turned his head, and said, “It’s late, I’ll take you for a meal, and then send you back.”

“It’s okay, Senior.” Xue Yaoyao hurriedly pressed her phone. “I’ll take care of it later.”

Lin Yang knew from her actions that she had a date. In fact, he had already seen the weight of that person in his heart.

Otherwise, it wasn’t possible for her to not even glance up when he spoke.

Xue Yaoyao really didn’t have time to care about others. When the notifications stopped, her first reaction was to call Jiang Zuo.

His phone is off?

It was probably too late to go to the restaurant.

The restaurant would definitely be closed at 10pm.

She would take a look at the dormitory first.

She wanted to leave but was afraid that her phone would run out of battery.

When the battery percentage reached 10%, Xue Yaoyao left and just when she was about to run, she saw the person beneath the street lamp glancing up at her.

Xue Yaoyao panted, and was about to explain, when he pulled her into his arms, his voice deep. “I don’t accept a refund after you tried and don’t think we are compatible.”

“I…” Xue Yaoyao opened her mouth.

Jiang Zuo buried his face into her neck. “I saw the post.”

“What post?” Xue Yaoyao asked in confusion.

Jiang Zuo’s voice sounded emotionless. “The photo of the two of you doing the testing.”

Xue Yaoyao realised what he meant. “Yes, I wanted to tell you that it was really because of the testing. I found many loopholes and wanted to note it all down along with the experience. Somehow, I forgot the time.”

“Yaoyao.” Jiang Zuo seemed to smile. “I know that you wouldn’t be the same as before, placing me before anything, so you forgot.”

Xue Yaoyao didn’t deny. Now, she wouldn’t put all her thoughts into it.

“Do you find it tiring?” Xue Yaoyao thought for a while. Recently, he had been the one putting in effort.

Jiang Zuo’s voice became deeper. “I would feel helpless, but as compared to the feeling right now, I’m more afraid that there would be something between you and that person.”

“That person?” Xue Yaoyao reached out her hand, paused and placed it on his back. “Are you talking about Senior Lin Yang? It isn’t possible, I have already rejected him, and you know that.”

Jiang Zuo’s eyes deepened. “I know that very well, but when I saw that photo, I would still think, why am I not the one playing? You should know, I’m filled with the stench of money and can’t compare to them.”

“You…” Xue Yaoyao laughed lightly. “You would feel jealous like this?”

Jiang Zuo glanced up. “Why wouldn’t I?”

Xue Yaoyao stumped him with one sentence. “You’re mature.”

Jiang Zuo smiled again, with peach blossoms in his eyes. “I realised that you are getting better at dealing with me.”

Xue Yaoyao replied seriously. “It’s my fault today.”

Jiang Zuo lowered his glance. “Then shouldn’t you make it up to me?”

Xue Yaoyao raised her brow. “Make it up to you?”

Jiang Zuo’s voice was still by her ear. “You can think that I’m not worth entrusting but you can’t fall for someone else. If I do something wrong, you can’t keep it from me and think that we aren’t compatible.”