Chapter 1705 - Supreme Alliance Return, The Victors Reunite

Chapter 1705: Supreme Alliance Return, The Victors Reunite

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“It’s just the same name, and they’re causing trouble?”

The chef arched his brows. “Are the Spade fans causing trouble?”

“Who else can they be when they claim to be Spade fans?”

The person being called an uncle froze, feeling dissatisfied. “I’m so handsome and yet, you call me uncle?”

“You are an uncle.”

“Alright.” He breathed in deeply. “Come, let’s analyse this. This Spade T. There isn’t anything wrong with having the same name, it’s normal for people to have the same names. Under normal circumstances, such instances would be resolved amicably. Afterall, the Supreme Alliance has dissolved and Spade Z hasn’t appeared in three months. Why must the Spade fans be talked about? According to my knowledge, many Spade fans have been silent along with Spade Z. Sure, your Almighty T is popular, so popular that she can gather this group of people. Let me ask, do all single players have to cosplay now? Do they have to use the same name?

“What do you mean?” The girls eyed each other. “Is he alright?”

Chef Fatty pointed to himself. “Am I alright? Am I alright?”

“Besides, we Spade fans don’t even know what’s wrong this time. I like T too, they have their own specialties okay. Uncle, you shouldn’t be saying so much if you don’t know about it.”

He doesn’t know? What does he, the No.1 most handsome fatty not know? He was from the Xiangnan Team!

Ever since the moment he left, both he and his Captain understood, Xiang Nan would never be the same as before.

And affection. This term had become too cheap. More importantly, the real Spade fans didn’t even come out and yet, they were blamed.

Do you know what sort of affection this is? It could be catered to easily.

He had never said it before but he would never forget Little Spade and the days when the Supreme Alliance and Xiang Nan competed.

But he knew that that person, and that group, was irreplaceable. And he would never go elsewhere to find their replacement.

They survived in his memory vividly, even though he was used to holding a mouse in his hand, now he had replaced it with a kitchen knife.

He shook his head.

In fact, there wasn’t much to say. After all, he was really going to become a middle aged uncle.

There was an unspeakable pain in his heart.

After Luoluo left, he knew that Xiang Nan’s Golden Triangle was gone.

When the Supreme Alliance disbanded, he understood that some things would gradually be replaced.

There was only a trace of passion. After all, they had it before.

Now, Zhao Sanpang wasn’t sure if he could retain that passion. It was probably too long since he competed.

Although it was just three months.

In the shop, the inconspicuous fat shadow lowered his eyes slightly. He was looking at his hands.

No one would understand the reason for the slight tremble.

Not to mention the girls that claimed. “I love the Xiang Nan team, I love T!”

From the start where they weren’t acknowledged, to winning the championship for three consecutive years. And the eventual disbandment of the Golden Triangle.

Our dreams were smashed over and over, and were pieced together one by one.

But this time, Zhao Sanpang didn’t seem to know how to piece it back. Or perhaps, he was really too naive.

He was still thinking about the passion that was hard to cool.

“Sir, the one in the chef’s hat, No.1 most handsome Fatty.”