Chapter 1706 - It's Her, Youngster Bo Jiu

Chapter 1706: It’s Her, Youngster Bo Jiu

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No.1 Most Handsome Fatty?

These words made Zhao Sanpang, who was about to walk into the back kitchen, stiffened in his back, and it seemed as though something was warming in the already frozen chest.

Zhao Sanpang clenched his fingers tightly, then turned around.

A glimmer of light shone in coincidentally.

In that instant, fireworks went ablaze. It seemed like the sky full of light could be reflected in the person’s black eyes.

That person still looked like a youngster. Dressed in a delivery outfit, with her long svelte body and a hat on her head with several silver strands peaking through. There was a black ear stud on her ear that sparkled faintly. The brim of the hat shield half her defined face, leaving only the startling jawline visible.

That person broke into an impish smile, she was looking at him with mischief and laziness.

“F*ck, f*ck!” That was Zhao Sanpang’s first reaction!

He ripped his mask in agitation and seemed to have forgotten the people around him. “Little Spade! How can it be you! What are you doing here?”

Little Spade?

The girls turned over when they heard that name.

The ‘delivery man’ stretched out her arm and removed her cap. Her silver hair fell like shattered light.

Youngster raised her arm to press her silver hair backwards, showing the face that was as perfect as a demoness.

She was incredibly beautiful. Just as before, full of disguise.

“I wanted to deliver the goods quietly but seeing how handsome you are, I couldn’t help showing myself.” Bo Jiu smiled, stuffing her left hand into her pocket, a little wooden box in her right hand. She looks very much like a Demon Deacon from manga.

The girls were dazed.

Every action seemed to be in slow motion.

Spade-Spade Z?! Is she really Spade Z?!

Bo Jiu didn’t look at them, she walked towards Zhao Sanpang with a raised brow. “Almighty Fatty, are you going to look at what I brought?”

“Wait a minute!” Zhao Sanpang glanced behind her. “You can’t be here alone. Where is my arch enemy, Scheming Qin, Despicable Qin? Where is he?”

Bo Jiu seemed to have a headache. “Lately, he has been neglecting me. A single dog like you wouldn’t be able to understand my frustration.”

Zhao Sanpang: …I’m asking where he is, I didn’t ask you to prick my heart! He wanted to toss her out right now! How!

“But indeed, I’m not here alone.” Bo Jiu turned over.

Someone walked in with a small school bag on her back, holding a pile of food in her hand, all of which were bought by her master along the way, which made the small person want to sigh. But because that face was so good-looking, there was no emotion at all.

Which was a contrast to her adorable appearance.

“Little Poker Face is here!” Zhao Sanpang went forward, wanting to pat her head, he adored Little Bey.

Bo Jiu blocked him. “Almighty Fatty, she is my disciple. You can pat her head, but it will cost a hundred each time.”

Zhao Sanpang twitched the corners of his mouth when he heard this. A scourge could last a thousand years, and the same is true for the wealth obsessed.

“Seriously, why are you back, perhaps…” Zhao Sanpang glanced at the girls who were clearly not in the right mind. “Because of these?”

Bo Jiu followed his gaze and chuckled.

That laugh was charming.

“Almighty Fatty.” Bo Jiu spoke in her usual mischief. “These are just ordinary human nature in my eyes. If someone is acting, there will be people watching. Do you think that’s worth my trip? I’m here for you.”