Chapter 1707 - Came Back To Shock Esports Again

Chapter 1707: Came Back To Shock Esports Again

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Zhao Sanpang didn’t understand, and raised his eyebrows. “For me? Did you perhaps fall for my beauty? I know I am handsome, but I have no intention of snatching someone from Scheming Qin in the time being.”

Bo Jiu smirked. “Almighty Fatty, don’t worry. I can’t appreciate your handsomeness.”

“Then why? Are you here to learn cooking?” Zhao Sanpang’s chatterbox personality was activated. “Then you have come to the right place. Let me tell you, the tomato scrambled eggs I make now is very delicious.”

Bo Jiu replied slowly. “Those with a partner wouldn’t need to learn to cook, besides, I have a disciple.”

Zhao Sanpang: …Communication breakdown!

“Take a look at the delivery.” Bo Jiu smiled. “And you’ll understand everything.”


Zhao Sanpang glanced over at the little wooden box in her right hand.

He found it strange that Scheming Qin wasn’t here. What exactly is in the little wooden box?

Zhao Sanpang reached out to open the box, there seemed to be a tablet inside.

It was much thinner and smaller than the commonly seen ipad.

He glanced up at Bo Jiu. “You made it?’

The youngster replied lazily. “The content is the main point.”

“What content…” Zhao Sanpang suddenly paused mid sentence, his eyes widening. There seemed to be waves within, the fluctuations so obvious his pupils trembled. “Wh-when is this?”

“Three days ago.” Bo Jiu sat, holding her face with one hand, her messy silver hair falling like an oriental aristocratic vampire. “How is it? Do you want to come back?”

Zhao Sanpang suppressed the tumbling within his heart, his voice hoarse. “Why would I come back? I’ve already retired. You know how they treated Luoluo, and you know the reason we retired. Why would we come back to listen to these people again?”

“If you ask me, the answer would be simple.” Bo Jiu stood up, her handsome and beautiful face turning nonchalantly. “Come back to shock the Esports competition again, tell some people that daddy is still daddy.”

Zhao Sanpang stilled, he glanced back up, a wave gushing within his eyes.

Beside them, the girls were really in a dazed.

Bo Jiu walked over with a faint smile. “Honestly, I don’t care what you say, but why are you shouldering the blame for my fans? Someone said they are a fan of the Xiang Nan team? In front of you is Zhao Sanpang, Xiang Nan’s, oh no, the no.1 tank in the entire server. The Champion for three consecutive years even though they were defeated by my Supreme Alliance in the end.”

Zhao Sanpang: …If you didn’t add that last line, I would have thought you were praising me!

“However, he is still the best in the server.” Bo Jiu stood up slowly and leaned towards one of the girl’s ears. “Those that have supported us all this while have never behaved like you.”

With that, Bo Jiu lifted her gaze towards Zhao Sanpang. “Almighty Fatty, you are refusing to come back because of these people? I have always adored Luoluo because even though she knows what the world is like, she continues to hold on to her sorcerer role, standing in the middle of the map. With her around, we have to consider the breakthrough in the fight against Xiang Nan, about whether we would accidentally lose control. Her retirement has never been because of these people.”

Bo Jiu stood up slowly against the light. “She felt that her hand speed has slowed and that she couldn’t keep up with the Xiang Nan team, she wants the team to win.”