Chapter 1708 - Our War Isn't Over

Chapter 1708: Our War Isn’t Over

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All of a sudden. Some long-standing haze disappeared from the depths of his heart.

Ever seen the day Luoluo retired, Zhao Sanpang felt helpless.

The global server’s no.1 sorcerer had to leave in such a manner. It seemed as though other than them, no one else understood the meaning of the Golden Triangle.

To the audience, they would like any drama with a similar plot. Hence, it didn’t matter who left.

But to him, that was Luoluo. Just Luoluo.

Regardless of how many people debuted, it wouldn’t be the Golden Triangle.

Zhao Sanpang removed his apron, his gaze deep. “Let me ask you a question, why didn’t you deal with those people, it shouldn’t be hard.

Bo Jiu glanced to the side, a glint in the corners of her eye. “Would you fall for such a trick?”

Zhao Sanpang bit down on his teeth. “Explain it.”

“I mean, aren’t you taking other people’s adoration too seriously?” There was a faint smile on Bo Jiu’s beautifully handsome face. “Some people may like you today, and someone else tomorrow. You should be aware that you and Almighty Xiao retired because you are not able to keep up with the current way. There are others better suited than you, they understand how to take every step properly which is the reason for the current situation. If I fell into it, isn’t that helping them? Almighty Fatty, some adoration is because of their adoration for the person they are pursuing. Hence, they would claim that you are irreplaceable while finding someone similar to fan over. It’s normal. How are you going to maneuver your mouse if you use such things to suppress yourself?”

Zhao Sanpang’s gaze turned faint. “So, we are just too concerned about others.”

“Almighty Fatty.” Bo Jiu’s eyes deepend. “Have you watched Animal’s World?”

Zhao Sanpang, “The movie?”

Bo Jiu laughed impishly. “The cartoon adaptation. The war that should be fought isn’t over, perhaps, we may lose one day but we must protect our belief. It isn’t that we can’t do anything to some people, we just don’t want to turn into someone like them.”

Zhao Sanpang felt a shock run through him, and he glanced up. “I’ll come back.”

“Alright.” Bo Jiu stretched lazily. “Mission accomplished, it really is a job that trains my eloquence.”

Zhao Sanpang. “Do you even need to train your eloquence? Besides, why are you the one finding me? Where is Scheming Qin, he should be the one in charge of such things.”

“Isn’t it the same?” Bo Jiu replied casually. “Besides, he is mine.”

Zhao Sanpang smirked. “So, were is he?”

Bo Jiu’s fingers tapped the laptop in his hand. “Of course he is with others…”

Afternoon, Jiang City.


The rhythmic tapping on the echoed through the air.

It was the same in any internet cafe.

There was a faint smell of tobacco and the smell of instant noodles.

Occasionally, there would be exclamations. “Dragon, dragon, dragon! They are fighting the dragon!”

The staff that walked past was startled.

“Lost again?”

“I’ll have to be more ruthless.”

“Staff, a coke here!”

“One minute!” The staff was new and had been working for half a month, but he felt that his boss didn’t seem like the boss of an internet cafe.

He was sitting at the bar. Even though his eyes were smiling, the next second, you could feel a different sense of oppression.


“Boss isn’t here yet, call me the acting boss.”

The staff coughed. “Acting boss, it seems that a lot of people are coming online to play Heroes recently. Why is that?”

Why? Rao Rong’s fingers paused.