Chapter 1709 - Untitled

Chapter 1709: Untitled

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Rao Rong was just about to speak when the door opened.

The staff turned around.

Someone walked in. The man wore a dark coloured trench coat and a pure white shirt inside, giving off a cold and noble aura. The sharp and handsome face was half covered by a pure black mask. The cold pale skin and curve of his face was like a piece of jade.

He looked as though he had walked out of a manga, his legs long and slender, a faint nonchalance in his eyes.

In spite of the noise around him, it didn’t seem to affect him at all.

The staff was wondering what this sort of young master was doing here. Why would he appear somewhere like the internet cafe?

Just then, he walked over slowly.

The staff didn’t understand, but there was an indescribable oppressive force. It was very much like the ending boss in the games.

“Sir…” The staff hadn’t finished his sentence.

There was a smile in his boss’s voice. “Why are you here again?”

They know each other? As expected, his boss wasn’t like other internet cafe’s bosses, even the people he knows aren’t ordinary.

The person took off the mask, and his sense of clarity became even stronger. Who else could it be other than Qin Mo? “You want to talk here?”

On the big screen of the Internet cafe, the Three Thousand Knife Cutting skill he used in the Asian Games was flashing beside him.

The staff watched the screens then back at him with wide eyes.

He, he, he….the Almighty?!

“Staff, my coke!” Someone stood up from the side.

The staff felt as though he was in a dream. The hands he used to hold the cold coke didn’t seem like his own, and he knocked into the table legs twice.

The next time he returned, the bar was empty, even his boss wasn’t around.

What is happening? Did he really see Almighty Qin just now?!

He lowered his head and started to post on his newsfeed. “I had a dream that I saw Almighty Qin in the internet cafe! F*ck, he is stunning in real life!”

Soon, there were people replying to him. “Bro, it must have been a dream, it isn’t possible.”

Actually, it was impossible. However, there wasn’t a lot of news about this internet cafe, only the Supreme Alliance fans from back then knew about it. Thereafter, when they heard that someone else took over, they didn’t deliberately seek it out.

Unbeknownst to them, Rao Rong took over. One of the three top Captains back then, the server’s no.1 group control.

Right at this moment in the Xiao family.

Everyone was smiling happily.

“Young Master, wait a minute with Young Mistress, Madam and the others are upstairs, they will come down once they are done preparing.”

“Sure.” Xiao Jing brought her to sit.

Luoluo was blushing, the term Young Mistress….

Three months.

When Luo Luo knew that she was going to see the Captain’s parents, she was still a little nervous. Afterall, some families emphasized education.

The moment she became nervous, she would tell Xiao Jing. “It’s my fault for not learning well in the past.”

Xiao Jing glanced at her, pulled her over, and kissed her. “They are already very happy that I’m not gay.”

Xiao Jing was probably the only person who would say such things to comfort his wife.

Luoluo smiled, radiant and beautiful. “Uncle and Auntie suspected that you are gay?”

“In addition to their suspicion, they had also placed a lot of academic books for me. When I was in high school, they deliberately placed them where I could see, for fear that there would be something between me and Qin Mo.” Xiao Jing’s fingers twirled her long hair. He was wearing a white lab coat, but at this moment, he didn’t look so bookish. On the contrary, because of the smile at the corner of his mouth, he was so handsome it made one’s heart itch.