Chapter 171

Chapter 171: Need to Be “Gentle” with Your Little Brother in Bed

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“God, Almighty Qin!” Chen Xiaodong looked at the huge figure that had showed up at the door and trembled in shock. He only had one thought left on his mind, which was that his young master was doomed!

Fu Jiu was shocked too. How could she be so unlucky? Every time she talked out loud, this god would show up no matter what. Are people who studied psychology all masters at seeing the future?

Qin Mo carelessly looked up. “Why aren’t you talking now? Cat got your tongue? I’m curious to know how you would go about bedding me.”

Fu Jiu turned back and looked very serious. “My bad.”

Qin Mo crossed his arms and checked out the young man from top to bottom. He only threw two cold words at her: “Get inside.”

Fu Jiu put her hands into her pant pockets and laughed carelessly, looking devilishly handsome.

Chen Xiaodong dragged her over. “Young Master, no… Let’s just call the police! Young Master Qin will kill you.”

Fu Jiu laughed, “Don’t worry. The worst that could happen would be Almighty hanging me outside the window to breathe in the smog, and I have the agility and reflexes to deal with that. Go get some snacks, so after I’m hung outside, I can eat a little.”

Chen Xiaodong: “…”

I’m seriously worried for your life, alright!

How can Young Master still joke around!

Why isn’t Young Master scared? This is Young Master Qin; he can squish you to death like a little ant!

Right after Fu Jiu had returned to the room, Qin Mo grabbed her wrist and applied pressure, lowered his torso so he was closer to her, and deepened his voice, “Your call. Be hung outside, or go run ten laps?”

“Hmm, neither.” Fu Jiu’s face was always so clean and pretty that it distracted people. She flashed her cute canines. “I’m too handsome to be hung outside. What if my eyes get infected? Then I wouldn’t only flunk the tests; I also wouldn’t be able to play games. Then I couldn’t be on the same team as Brother Mo anymore!”

Qin Mo looked at that fair and innocent face. He thought about it carefully, and a rabbit’s two red eyes wouldn’t go together with such a good face indeed.

But having infected eyes would actually be good for this guy. At the very least, it could reduce his flirting ability a little…

If he were crueler, he would definitely throw this guy out, regardless of whether or not his eyes became infected.

But since he already took him in as his little brother, he should nurture him. He would also lose face if his little brother went around while sick and weak.

“You are full of excuses.” Qin Mo let go of the young man. The feeling of Fu Jiu’s smooth skin was still lingering on his fingertips, giving him an electrifying feeling. He frowned and thought that “he” was really not manly enough…

Fu Jiu didn’t say anything. She took the opportunity to return to her seat. She lightly held the pencil in her mouth. As she wrote down her multiple choice questions, her mouth curled up into a light smile.

This retreating to attack to attack really works on this god!

I have to use this more later on.

Fu Jiu was exactly thinking of this when the man walked over, reached out from behind her with his left hand, and closed the physics textbook in front of her. He sounded sullen as he said, “This is it for today. Tomorrow, we will memorize a few formulas.”

Fu Jiu’s silver hair stood up a little. “Memorize formulas?”

“Those that would be on the test.”

The Almighty carelessly talked about guessing the questions in the test as if he were talking about what he was going to eat tomorrow.

As an academic trash who had just started to study again, Fu Jiu really didn’t understand!

She would ask Xue Yaoyao tomorrow if all physics nerds were like this…

But Fu Jiu was still happy about finishing the study session earlier. She withdrew her long legs and sat back on the wooden chair. She then massaged her neck with one hand, and as she rotated her neck back and forth, her eyes brightened. Her silver hair looked very appealing as she exclaimed, “Finally, sleeping time!”