Chapter 1710 - Gather All (Sweet)

Chapter 1710: Gather All (Sweet)

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“Qin Jing CP?” Luoluo couldn’t help but laughed. “It’s a very popular pairing. I almost became a CP fan. Uncle and Auntie have a way with educating, it was probably because you placed all your attention on Qin Mo back then.”

Xiao Jing glanced sideways. “I was just researching my opponent, is it that funny?”

“A little.” Luoluo has always been candid in front of him, her bright teeth and eyes looking beautiful. “What did Uncle and Auntie do about it?”

Xiao Jing’s hand didn’t leave her hair, as he toyed with it. “They indirectly asked about Qin Mo’s position in my heart.”

When Luoluo heard this, she laughed till her shoulders trembled. “It really seems like you are gay.”

This should be recorded for Jiu.

Xiao Jing glanced over at her and leaned in, his voice low. “You can try it tonight.”

“Try?” Luoluo hadn’t processed it, a question within her laughter.

Xiao Jing landed his lips on her hair. “Try it out yourself and you’ll know whether or not I’m gay.”

All of a sudden Luoluo seemed to be scalded.

Her heart trembled slightly. Her face was burning slightly.

Xiao Jing glanced at her flushed appearance and smiled. “We should be done after meeting the parents.”

Why was he asking her this?

Luoluo wanted to stand, but he held onto her wrist. “What are you going to do?”

“Drink water.” Luoluo’s eyes drifted slightly, not looking at his face.

This was against the rules! He knew she didn’t have any resistance against him.

Xiao Jing laughed lightly. “You can have my tea.”

Luoluo reached for up, thinking of drinking tea to divert her thoughts.

Xiao Jing glanced over. “Aren’t you going to ask what else my parents said?”

“What else did they say?” Anything was fine as long as they changed the topic.

Xiao Jing replied softly. “Qin is indeed handsome but he already has someone, you should be mentally prepared.”

Luoluo wanted to laugh again.

Right at this moment a voice came over. “Xiao Jing, what are you talking about with Luoluo?”

It was Mother Xiao. She was ecstatic when she heard that her son was bringing his girlfriend home.

The Xiao family did scientific research, which could be used in medicine and the military, it was quite confidential.

It was all in the Courtyard. This time, their son came to the family home. They were worried he came back for Qin. The previous time her son came back, it was to research Qin. Luoluo’s appearance was a saviour.

Ever since Mother Xiao sat down, she started talking about her son, who was dull and boring, and didn’t know what romance was.

She told her to bear with him and that she was glad they are teammates since he likes Esports and talks about it a lot.

Luoluo knew that such a situation was because of a certain someone’s previous topic.

In the past Madam Xiao had thought about arranging his marriage with someone within the system.

Several professors have spoken to her about it before, recommending the girls who did research with him. However, she was startled by her son’s reaction.

He would say he wasn’t interested every single time. He wasn’t interested in anyone other than the boy from the Qin family, he was the only one that could invoke a few words from him. Not anyone else.

Madam Qin was genuinely worried. She glanced over at Luoluo’s face. “That explains why he wasn’t interested in any of the girls I introduced him to.”

Just as Luoluo was stumped for words, the doorbell rang.