Chapter 1711 - Return Together, Burn

Chapter 1711: Return Together, Burn

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“Madam, there is a delivery.”

Delivery? Madam Xiao frowned. She hadn’t called for delivery or made any online purchase. Why would there be a delivery?

“Is it a wrong delivery?”

Madam Xiao stood up.

Just then, the courier called out from the door. “Mr Qin instructed me to deliver it here. I am from a delivery company. He has something to give to Mr Xiao Jing.”


Madam Xiao glanced at her son, why did that Qin boy appear again? Is Luoluo…

Xiao Jing knew what his mother was thinking about. “My relationship with Luoluo is real, and I wouldn’t use her as a shield. You should stop reading dramatic stories.”

After being exposed, Madam Xiao coughed lightly. “You brat, when did I think about such a thing?”

Luoluo couldn’t help but smile. “Your relationship with Qin Mo is too good which caused Auntie to misunderstand.”

“That’s right.” Madam Xiao finally found someone that spoke up for her.

Xiao Jing glanced down. “Your relationship with Z is much closer, but I hadn’t said anything.”

Luoluo: …

Xiao Jing stood up and walked towards the door, taking the item from the courier.

After the first layer of packaging was removed, there was another package inside. He felt it through the bag.

Xiao Jing had no idea what was inside. He glanced down at the tablet.

“What is it?” Luoluo had walked over as well.

Xiao Jing showed her the miniature tablet in his hand. He swiped the screen and entered.

Luoluo’s eyes were visibly shocked. She glanced over, unconsciously trying to capture his expression. The emotions in her heart seemed to gush out.

Xiao Jing pressed the stop button, and those deep eyes landed on her face.

Luoluo caught his gaze. “Aren’t you going to finish watching it?”

Xiao Jing spoke camly. “I retired, there isn’t anything to watch.”

Luoluo was looking at him and smiled at last. “You are worried that I would be upset if my name isn’t on the list, so you stopped watching.”

Xiao Jing was about to put the tablet back but he stopped and his eyes deepened. “There wouldn’t be any meaning if we aren’t together.”

Luoluo looked at him, a flame in her eyes. “Why wouldn’t there be meaning, even if I don’t participate as a team member, I can be your fan, or I can apply to be an assistant or something. I have a gaming foundation afterall.”

“I understand.” Xiao Jing reached out and pulled her over, half hugging her in his arms. “Alright, I’ll return.”

Luoluo smiled vibrantly, her eyes like a painting, just like the first time she appeared in front of everyone, when someone commented that she looks very much like the characters in the game.

When she was holding a staff or a sniper cannon in the game, there wouldn’t be anyone that isn’t shocked by her powerful aura.

Apply to be an assistant?

Xiao Jing glanced down. “You are definitely on the list.”

Before she could say anything, Xiao Jing didn’t touch the tablet again. Instead, he followed the instructions from before. He held up the package at the side directly, stretched out his hand to rip it open.

Something rolled out from inside.

“This is… a uniform?” Luoluo held it up.

Xiao Jing’s eyes were glowing. “That’s right, it’s a team uniform and there are two sets.”

Two sets, which means… Luoluo glanced up.

Xiao Jing unfolded the black and red uniform, and the two big words appeared before them.

It wasn’t Xiang Nan or the Supreme Alliance, instead…