Chapter 1712 - China Team Unite

Chapter 1712: China Team Unite

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The bold cursive calligraphy was printed on the back of the uniform!

Luoluo could clearly see the flames burning in Xiao Jing’s eyes.

No man would not hope that his hard work could be used to win glory for the country.

This day has finally arrived. There was news of it on the internet and the television.

Nowadays, China’s game users have reached 500 million. This meant that China’s Esports was starting to be recognised. But just being recognised wasn’t enough. Many people assumed that it was something addicted teens dabble in.

No one would encourage game addiction. However, if it is Esports, it was worth fighting for.

Perhaps no one knew that in 2005, there was a champion who carried the Chinese flag to win unlimited glory.

The commentator’s voice came slowly, as if he was telling a story.

Since that time, it seemed like victory never again belonged to China.

“I believe that it will be different this year.”

This is what the commentator said while looking at the screen.

Right at this moment in the Lin Group building. A University classroom. A remote town in Tibet. An amusement park for wealthy children. The Feng’s family’s villa. And the fields where crops are being harvested.

Lin Feng, Yun Hu, Yin Wuyao, Coco, Feng Shang and Lin Chentao received the miniature tablet at the same moment.

They opened the tablet, and there was only one line.

Three days ago, Qin Mo was called back to China.

He originally assumed there was a mission. Unexpectedly, his father didn’t call him back for the army. Instead, he brought him to someone.

Qin Mo knew that person, his eyes were calm and came him just two words. “No reconstruction.”

That person was stumped before he could say anything and after making a phone call, he said. “No reconstruction, Mr Qin. Would you be willing to start over, to form a China team, leading the Esports members from our country to represent China?”

Qin Mo paused. “I’ll be leading? Who is choosing the members? Me?”

“That…” The person made another phone call and came back and said. “As long as the member is above 18years old, Mr Qin Mo would be able to pick them. We have also prepared a list.”

Qin Mo stood up. “I’m not interested in your name list. Teamwork and winning is most important in Esports, what do you think?”

“Of course.” But the person wanted to recommend new blood. “These two are good, Mr Qin Mo, would you like to take a look?”

Qin Mo raised his brows and swept a glance at the paper in his hand, Spade T and Flawless Luoluo were one of the top choices.

He glanced up towards that person, his presence so overwhelming that person found it hard to meet his eye. “This is the list you provided?”

That person added. “These newcomers’ performances aren’t bad and they are popular. Mr Qin Mo, I know that you have feelings for some people and would definitely want to choose players you are familiar with to compete but the competition isn’t the same this time, I hope you would think about the big picture.”

“Are you sure the organizing committee thinks this way?” Qin Mo’s voice faded a lot after listening to his words. “Coming to me means that you approve of my choice.”

The man chuckled lightly, “Of course, besides the competition, it is also important to support the newcomers, right?”

“Sure.” Qin Mo glanced sideways. “If they can win against Bey after joining forces.”

The person paused. “This would be a little tough?”

“Don’t you want to support newcomers?” Qin Mo’s eyes deepened. “Perhaps I can give them a pointer or two personally.”

The person turned green. “This…”