Chapter 1713 - Untitled

Chapter 1713: Untitled

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Qin Mo glanced over, the curvature of his chin was still very beautiful. “What is this?”

That person laughed. “They don’t have much experience but have limitless potential. When the time is right, they can compete against Mr Qin Mo.”

“Sure.” Qin Mo stuffed a hand into his pocket and walked over. “Tell the organising committee, they can talk about the competition when you are fired.”

That person froze. “Mr Qin Mo, do you intend to suppress the newcomers?”

“Suppressing?” Qin Mo glanced down and broke into a sudden laugh, a layer of ice in his eyes. “I hate people like you who remain high sounding even after using such tricks.”

The person changed his words quickly. “Mr. Qin Mo, indeed, If you don’t agree to my suggestion, you can choose to reject it, there is no need to say that. I am after all also a person who likes you very much”

Qin Mo placed a hand into his pocket, his gaze faint. “Oh? Like? That makes it easier, I’ll come back when you leave.”

The man walked away immediately, making a phone call as he walked, saying that Qin Mo was not willing to compete. He was a big shot and couldn’t be persuaded.

Qin Mo remained impassive as he heard the conversation.

After a few minutes that person was pulled back.

Qin Mo straightened his cuffs, looked at him, his eyes were light but cold.

The person was just about to jump up.

Qin Mo paced up to him, holding the mobile phone in his right hand, and made a call in front of the person.

When that person saw the number on the phone, his face paled. “Mr Qin Mo, I…”

“Hello.” Qin Mo ignored him, his voice calm. “Mr Zhang, it’s me.”

“Mr Yang shared that you are not willing to compete, is there anything that hasn’t been resolved?” The voice sounded regretful.

Qin Mo’s eyes landed on the forehead of the person in front of him. He didn’t show the slightest emotion at the person’s unconscious unease. “Mr Yang introduced two newcomers. After hearing this, I planned to arrange them for a match first. After all, according to Mr Yang, the old platers are no longer good enough and it is time to add fresh blood, otherwise, old players like us would be triggering newcomers.”

When Mr Zhang heard this, he knew that his staff had messed up.

Why did he have to find Qin Mo? Did Mr Yang even understand!?

Other than him, there wasn’t anyone else who could carry China’s Esports flag. Only Qin Mo could make those people come back!

Why would he push people to him at this crucial point?!

Mr Zhang knew about this.

There are clubs and teams, it was normal for them to want to suppress the Supreme Alliance. They couldn’t just stand still.

Such things could be done under normal circumstances. But this, it was a huge competition.

Doesn’t Mr Yang understand?

Mr Zhang inhaled. “I’ll get him to tender his resignation when he is back.”

“Resignation is necessary.” There wasn’t any change in Qin Mo’s voice. “But, I’ve thought about it, there is one thing Mr Yang said that is true, this is a world competition, players can’t join purely because of their experience, those that want to join have to use their abilities. Since Mr Yang feels like old people like us are suppressing the newcomers, some of their fans might have the same views.”

When Mr Yang heard this, he was confused. Is he speaking up for him?

Mr Zhang frowned. “What are you suggesting?”

“Tell me their live stream timing.” Qin Mo walked close and glanced down at Mr Yang. “I’ll give them a greeting with my second account, so as to not waste Mr Yang’s efforts.”