Chapter 1714 - For China

Chapter 1714: For China

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Mr Yang’s face suddenly changed, and he wanted to refuse.

Normally, others would always say that they had their own characteristics. That they were the future of Esports, and had nothing to do with Spade Z and Luoluo. It’s just that their names are similar and they used the same routine.

But Director Yang knew in his heart that anyone who had seen the two compete knew that there were shadows of Spade Z and Luoluo.

Since so many people like Spade Z, it had its merits. And Luoluo was a topic driver. He chose these two people, because they were smart, and found the characteristics of the originals.

When they said, “We don’t know the Spade Z and Luoluo, Spade fans and Luo fans, please leave.”, many people thought that such an obvious lie wasn’t a smart move.

In reality, the ingenious part was that regardless of whether Spade fans or Luo fans had really gone, once such things were said, it would directly form a bond. This bond would tie them to Spade Z and Luoluo, and naturally, there would be attention. Moreover, everyone would think that Spade and Luo fans were running around town.

To put in bluntly. It was just one line.

They wanted Spade fans to cause trouble. It’s a pity Spade fans were all silent and didn’t cause any trouble. If that was the case, their fans wouldn’t just be at this number.

If Qin Mo used his big account to fight the two of them, Mr Yang wouldn’t have disagreed. Afterall, even if they lost, there would be discussions. Their popularity would only rise. But now, Qin Mo wanted to use his second account to challenge them during their live stream.

It was simply a slap to their faces.

Mr Yang started to panic. He didn’t care that the phone was in Qin Mo’s hand and shouted. “Chairman, it would be a suppression against the newcomers, it isn’t a good idea!”

Qin Mo’s faint glance swept over, his voice still emotionless. “So, Mr Zhang, what do you intend to do?”

Mr Zhang breathed in deeply. “I understand, I will send someone else over, you can gather the people and in three days, challenge them during their live stream.”

When Mr Yang heard this, he was immediately depressed, how could he develop in the future.

Mr Zhang pressed his head, when did his underlings start to have such issues. He probably understood what Mr Yang was thinking but both the route and timing was wrong.

This was to represent the country to participate!

Mr Zhang thought that the situation would calm if he said that, but Qin Mo was Qin Mo after all.

The intelligent Qin Mo had seen through these things.

He glanced up and said. “I will gather the people?”

Mr Zhang paused. “No, you can provide a name list and we would invite them back.”

Qin Mo lowered his voice. “Chairman, you know it in your heart, Mr Yang doesn’t seem to understand one thing. Whether it’s me or the others, this time, it would be for China. If it’s just because you are here, no one would come back.”

For the first time, Mr Zhang was at a loss for words. There was a whirl of emotions in his heart.

Qin Mo glanced at Mr Yang, remaining impassive. “You should be glad that this time, the reason is for China. If not, I would have tossed someone like you out of here.”

Mr Yang was furious.

When Mr Zhang heard the voice from across the phone, his back froze. He knew that Qin Mo wasn’t just talking to Mr Yang, he was also speaking to him.

They would definitely compete for the country, but don’t think about using any tricks here.

Forcing players was impossible.