Chapter 1715 - Untitled

Chapter 1715: Untitled

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Now, three days had passed and everyone had received their summoning order.

Qin Mo brought Rao Rong out of the internet cafe, but they didn’t go anywhere.

After boarding the car, Qin Mo tossed him a set of uniform. “Fight a match with me first.”

Rao Rong arched his brows. “You’re fighting? Personally?”

“Mmh” Qin Mo replied plainly.

Rao Rong was surprised. “Who could make you fight personally?”

“Flies.” Qin Mo looked sideways. “Cleaning up before everyone comes back.”

Rao Rong: …Hehehe, he was wrong. He thought that after being away for three months, he would’ve become kinder but it seems like his deadly tongue couldn’t be changed.

The car ride was less than half an hour after leaving the internet cafe building.

Rao Rong glanced up. “This is our future headquarters, feels a little serious. Will we be able to order instant noodles next time?”

“Yes.” Qin Mo has long been used to the strange requests from these people.

Feng Yi moved into the building one day before and had made many arrangements. It wouldn’t be hard to eat instant noodles.

Rao Rong knew that this time, it wouldn’t be the same as any other competition from before. There would be comprehensive attention. However, the facilities in the headquarters caught him off guard. “There is even a gym?”

“When the intensity of the competition is high, you will need to maintain your physical strength. If we go abroad, you will also need to deal with jet lag.” Qin Mo squinted. “In the future, both your physical fitness and resistance will be monitored.”

Rao Rong laughed lightly. “Not bad.”

Qin Mo glanced at him, and didn’t tell him the other condition. He hadn’t been officially included.

Once everything was stabilized, the details would be released. It was to prevent these people from escaping.

“It’s about time.” Qin Mo stuffed a hand into his pocket and glanced at the watch on his wrist. “To the training room.”

Were they about to start playing?

Rao Rong answered. “Sure, I’ll try out the new keyboard.”

The new headquarters was massive.

It was inside a building. Whether it was a training room or a gym, the area was large and the arrangements were reasonable.

After training, you could go to the gym next door. While exercising, you could also see the situation in the training room.

There were twelve computers placed there impressively. There was a distance between each set but it wasn’t too far. Even the chairs had been deliberately adjusted.

The purpose was so that their necks wouldn’t be too stiff even after sitting for up to twelve hours.

Rao Rong sat on the chair and felt it. “Comfortable.”

Qin Mo switched on a computer as well, he took the earphones at the top and wore it on his black hair.

The sound of a mechanical keyboard wasn’t the same as that of a normal keyboard.

After trying it out, Rao Rong turned towards Qin Mo.

Qin Mo glanced at the screen. “Give me a secondary account.”

He had plenty of secondary accounts under him so Rao Rong gave him one randomly.

After Qin Mo logged in, he saw the message on his phone. Next, he opened up a live stream app.

Rao Rong was getting increasingly curious. “When did you start following the trend to watch live streams?”

“I don’t watch them.” Qin Mo’s gaze landed on the screen. “I’m figuring it out now.”

Rao Rong wanted to say something more, however, he was startled by the game ID name on the live stream.

Spade T?

Ever since the Supreme Alliance disbanded Rao Rong never watched Esports news again.

Mainly boys patronised the internet cafe. And boys paid attention to skills so only after entering the full server rankings would they attract their attention.

For instance, back then, Spade Z who would definitely take the first clear. Everyday, the entire Zone C would see that person’s game ID.

It would be growing at an unbelievable speed. Regardless of the hidden bosses or the First Clear of the secondary version. It was all Spade Z.