Chapter 1716 - Win Glory For Their Country

Chapter 1716: Win Glory For Their Country

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It was normal to have similar game IDs.

Yours might be the same as mine and mine might be the same as yours, there wasn’t much to it. Some fans would even imitate their idol’s name to express their adoration.

In the past when he played, he had even met someone with the ID ‘I am Rao Rong’.

These were all more than ordinary. Hence, Qin Mo wouldn’t have come for this match just because of one ID.

Rao Rong’s eyes shifted a bit, and when he was about to continue looking, he caught another ID name, Flawless Luoluo, and the word Flawless was deliberately lightened, as if there was nothing.

But none of these were the main point. The main point was their fighting style.

For example, Spade T selected the assassin that Spade Z specialised in back then. And Flawless Luoluo chose the sorcerer that Luoluo specialised in.

The girl called Spade T? She had silver hair, and although she didn’t have an eye mole, she drew one for herself.

Raising her eyes and looking at the camera, her voice seemed very weak. “Everyone knows how noisy it is over here during this time. Spades fans, please stop coming, bye bye. Get lost if you don’t want to watch me fight.”

When Rao Rong heard this, he turned towards Qin Mo.

All these didn’t mean anything to him. It shouldn’t mean anything to Qin Mo either. If it was just to such an extent, he wouldn’t have come for a fight. So what exactly happened for Qin Mo to have made such a decision?

Before his thought could fall, a comment popped out from the live stream channel. “Spade T is so handsome, cultured Spade fans like us aren’t the ones causing trouble.”

“Same as the one on top, I like Spade Z and Almighty T.”

“In my heart, Supreme Alliance and Spade Z are both irreplaceable, but that doesn’t affect my support for Almighty T.”

“Almighty T, push on!”

When Rao Rong saw this, he couldn’t help laughing, his lips curved upwards. “Little Spade’s fans?”

“Self proclaimed.” Qin Mo added.

Rao Rong laughed lightly. “I’m afraid there might really be Little Spade’s fans but isn’t it hilarious to be supporting her while saying that Little Spade is irreplaceable?”

“It’s normal.” Qin Mo logged into the account slowly. “Have you ever taken their adoration seriously?”

Rao Rong glanced down. “It makes my heart cold.”

“I thought your heart had darkened completely after that time.” The time that Qin Mo was referring to, Rao Rong was more than clear about. Only Rao Rong himself knew how he managed to climb out of that period.

Many times, he didn’t think much about living in darkness. Afterall, this was how the world was.

What is human nature?

To be protected in times of glory. To be trampled upon in times of defeat. Those that claim to like you don’t even know when you are in despair. You wouldn’t be able to express your innermost feelings, because no one understands, that words can kill.

Their love may be the last straw that overwhelms their original intentions. The ones that defeat us have never been our enemies. It’s that we compromised and became the same people as them.

But fortunately, he managed to walk out. He wasn’t stuck in his thoughts, and walked towards his future fearlessly. Because Rao Rong understood that in this world, there were human natures you couldn’t understand. And even if you just sit here others could be reminded why you worked so hard to compete. Because there were comrades that fought alongside you. Because, you wanted to fight for the country one day. Because, even after being dumped in cold water for ten years, you aren’t the only one who remains passionate, there are still the comrades that sat beside you, who had also walked through the darkness, daring to move the mouse again.

Perhaps, they were the only ones who came out, but Rao Rong believed that there are still many newcomers who are staying up late to train, carrying the same feelings as them.

They are never beliefs, let alone special cases. The world is so big, and there is a heroic dream in everyone’s heart. Regardless of their gender.